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Maa Durga is the epitome of power, wisdom, and courage. We worship Maa Durga to win over obstacles in life and attain success, prosperity, and peace. Now you can worship Durga online throughout the year with the Durga Puja online service provided by Live Puja Yagya. Whether it is Rahu Dosha or your natal chart is devoid of auspicious results of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, book Durga puja online to get rid of all negative energies. At Live Puja Yagya, we perform Durga Puja for our clients at the temple of their choice. If you have no such choice of the temple, our astrologers and Pandit Ji will perform the same at our esteemed place with all Vedic rituals.

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Benefits of Durga Puja

Vedic Puja Rituals always unfold a bundle of benefits for the devotees, and Durga Puja is not an exception. Once you decide to book Durga Puja online, you will attain countless benefits after the successful completion of the puja. Have a look at the benefits…

  • Pacifying Rahu Dosha in your Janam Kundali
  • Improving Venus Outcomes for you
  • Getting you rid of all types of negativity
  • Strengthening your willpower, courage meter, and confidence
  • Getting relief from ailment faster
  • Removing obstacles in marriage
  • Evading the chances of losses in business, profession, and career
  • Ensuring stability in personal and professional life

Live Puja Yagya is presenting the best Durga puja online service for all of you and makes you experience the heavenly grace from the comfort of your home.

Book the Best Astrologers for Durga Puja from Live Puja Yagya

We make sure that all our clients receive only the high-quality and genuine online pooja experience from our end. Thus, we work with experienced and verified astrologers to perform your Durga puja online. You can take part in the puja through live streaming or you can attend the same physically if you wish. We want you to provide the best online puja service so that you feel satisfied and connected to the almighty. Visit our site, collect info on astrologers available for online Durga puja service, and book Durga puja online with the astrologer of your choice at Live Puja Yagya. Contact the astrologer to have a discussion before puja for sure.


People Also Ask


❓Who Can Perform Durga Puja Online?

Anyone from the Hindu religion can perform or obtain Durga puja online at Live Puja Yagya. If you want to reduce Kundali Dosha, you have a Sankalp to fulfill, or you want to book Durga puja online for your soul’s contentment, we are here to cater to your needs. You are free to choose an Astrologer/Pujari to perform the puja.

❓What Will Be the Durga Puja Duration?

It depends on the type of Durga Puja you choose. If it is Navaratri Durga Puja, Durga Puja with Saptasathi pathh, Saptasathi pathh and hawan and yagya or anushthan, the time duration for the Durga puja online will differ. So, it will be better if you contact us directly at the given phone number before you book Durga puja online.

❓What Will be the Price of Durga Puja Online?

The price differs based on your preferences. When a simple Durga Puja costs you less, a Durga Puja online with yagya, homam, anushthan, and pathh will cost you more. So, choose the option wisely and browse all our Durga Puja options before you book Durga Puja online at Live Puja Yagya.

❓Will I Receive Prasadam After the Puja?

You will receive only non-perishable items. We deliver non-perishable articles like Kumkum, bivooti, puja cloth, sandal paste, and flowers to our clients’ places through online delivery options. If you want to receive puja bhoog like food items and fruits then you need to attend the puja in person.

❓How Many Days In Advance Do I Need To Book For Durga Puja?

You can book Durga puja online anytime you wish. There is no hard and fast rule to maintain for booking. We take at least three to four days and a maximum of 7 days to arrange your puja. If slots are open then we will perform the puja on your behalf as early as you book Durga puja online.