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Sun worshipping or Surya Puja is observed to pacify the malefic effects (caused by weak or debilitated Sun) in a birth chart according to astrology. Even, people who are struggling in careers, losing status, suffering from long-term ailments (especially issues like digestion, eye, headache, heart, and spine), and lacking self-esteem and confidence, are advised to perform Surya Puja or Puja of Sun Planet. Live Puja Yagya is one of the globally renowned online puja platforms and we conduct Surya puja online for our clients followed by all Vedic rituals by expert pandit jis who have immense knowledge of Vedic Shastra and Hindu Scriptures. 

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Spiritual Benefits of Surya Puja Online

Sun is the 5th house lord in Kaal Purush Kundali and it governs our soul. Until and unless your soul gets purified, you will not be able to walk on the path of Dharma, Karma, and Moksha. But, when someone is born with a weak, debilitated, or afflicted Sun in a horoscope, he/she finds it hard to attain mental peace and spiritual wisdom. So, if you perform Surya Puja online or at your place, you will experience benefits including 

  • Increased confidence, energy, mental strength, courage, and morality
  • Respect in the social circle and growth in your career
  • Peace and harmony in life with better health
  • Getting rid of negative planetary impacts

So, welcome peace and success in life by performing Surya Puja online at Live Puja Yagya. 

Why Book Surya Puja Online from Live Puja Yagya

The Live Puja Yagya has been catering to the needs of all kinds of pujas, spiritual anushthan, Vedic rituals, and Homam and Jaap for years. We, at Live Puja Yagya, are renowned as one the best online puja platforms because we offer only quality-adhered puja services following every norm of puja inscribed in Hindu Scriptures, Puranas, and Vedas. Our services are backed by experience, quality, affordability, time management, and live puja streaming. Even, we take care of the preferences of date, timings, and places for puja of our clients. Devotees who choose Live Puja Yagya for Surya Puja Online will receive 100% satisfaction with our puja service. 

Pujas are performed by the Highly Qualified Pandits at Live Puja Yagya

Your puja reaches the highest level of satisfaction when it is performed by a qualified and experienced priest. You will get the same experience once you book Surya Puja Online at Live Puja Yagya. We have a team of highly professional, experienced, and verified pandit jis who perform puja of all types for our clients maintaining all rituals and practices mentioned in Shastras and Hindu Scriptures. You can talk to our team to know more about our pandit jis and other details. Our pandit jis perform Vedic Pujas and Surya Puja online to fulfill the Sankalp of our clients. You can convey your choice of puja place to us willingly. 


People Also Ask


❓Are Performing Surya Puja Regularly Improves Father-Son Relationship?

Yes, it is believed that whoever performs Surya puja regularly experiences a better and stronger relationship with his/her father. Surya is the natural Karaka of Father. If Surya gets afflicted in a birth chart it causes Pitur Dosha and impacts life badly in many ways. So, it is better to conduct Surya Puja online to improve the father-son relationship.

❓Who Can Perform Surya Puja?

Anyone can perform Surya puja. Individuals, irrespective of age, gender, caste, and creed can perform Surya puja. If you want to perform the puja by a qualified and professional purohit then Live Puja Yagya is here to conduct the Surya Puja Online by the most experienced purohit on your behalf.

❓Can I Get Rid of Health Issues With Surya Puja Online?

Anyone can perform Surya puja online to get rid of health ailments including issues in the eyes, heart, bones, and spine. Even, for people who are suffering from epilepsy, tithi-based Surya puja provides exceptional benefits to them. Just book your Surya Puja online at Live Puja Yagya to experience change in life.

❓Which is the Best Day to Perform Surya Puja?

Sunday is the best day to observe Surya Puja fast and perform the puja. The Sun Hoora or the first hour just after sunrise on Sunday is the best muhurat to perform Surya puja. However, there are other muhurats to perform the puja as well. You can contact Live Puja Yagya Purohits for better information.

❓Can I Get Rid of Job Obstacles After Surya Puja?

Surya Puja is not a one-day task. If you want to get the highest benefits of this puja then you need to perform it quite frequently. Then, you can see the results for sure. If you have a scarcity of time to arrange puja at your home, contact Live Puja Yagya to conduct Surya Puja online.