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Shankat Mochan Bhagawan Shri Hanuman Ji is worshipped in different parts of India by millions of devotees. It is said that if anyone wants to learn the real meaning of devotion and dedication he/she should learn from God Hanuman Ji. The ardent devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman Ji is well-versed in Vedas. He has the power to control all the nine planets highly noted in our Vedic Astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, anyone who is suffering due to the malefic influence of Mars, Saturn, or Ketu, should come into the shelter of Lord Hanuman. Live Puja Yagya takes online Hanuman puja booking for those who want to conduct traditional Hanuman puja only by a verified pandit or astrologer. You can take part in the puja through live-streaming or participating physically. 

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Benefits of doing Hanuman Pooja Online

Devotees who are searching for an absolute way to triumph over obstacles in life and pacify 9 planets simultaneously, can worship Lord Hanuman Ji to attain unparalleled changes in life. 

  • Especially, natives who are undergoing pain and suffering under Saturn or Mars Mahadasha are advised to hanuman ji ki puja
  • For people who are experiencing persistent hardship and ailment due to Saturn Sade Sati or Dhaiya, worshiping Hanuman ji benefits them in many ways. 
  • Moreover, for natives who wish to get rid of health issues, mental instability, and enmity in the personal and professional realm, and achieve self-confidence and courage in life, worshipping by online hanuman puja booking which proven beneficial to them. 

Contact Live Puja Yagya at your earliest to book lord hanuman pooja online and experience the richness of spiritualism in your life. 

Book the Best Astrologers for Hanuman Pooja from Live Puja Yagya

Live Puja Yagya has been a constant digital platform to cater to all types of online Hanuman pooja bookings for years. Whether you want our verified, learned, and experienced pandits and astrologers to perform Hanuman puja for you or to conduct a special Hanuman pooja at your desired temple to fulfil your Shankalp, Live Puja Yagya has a team of experienced astrologers and purohits to conduct your special puja needs. You can share your pooja preferences with us anytime at your convenience. If you have any special preference for a purohit or astrologer, don’t hesitate to inform us. Our team will be happy to serve your needs.  


People Also Ask

❓When One Can Do Hanuman Pooja?

There is no hard and fast rule to follow when you like to perform Hanuman pooja online respective to your wishes. Though, Hanuman Jayanti Tithi, Saturday and Tuesday are considered most auspicious to conduct Hanuman puja. You can do it also choosing the best time according to your convenience. If you want our pandits or astrologers to choose the best time according to the natal chart, we can do it for you too.

❓What Day Is Celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti?

According to the Hindu Lunisolar calendar, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the Purnima (Full Moon) that falls on the Chaitra Shukla Purnima Tithi. A large number of Hanuman devotees conduct puja on this day to get a blessing and boon from Lord Hanuman Ji. if you want to book online Hanuman Pooja for this day at Live Puja Yagya, do it in advance to avoid rush and queue.

❓What is the Worth of Booking Online Hanuman Pooja?

For people who remain extremely busy in their day-to-day lives and hardly arrange Puja Samagris, Pandit Ji, and other essentials to conduct a pooja at home, online hanuma Pooja is worth them. So, they just need to book a slot for Hanuman ji puja online and take the blessing the god as well. They can participate in the puja through live streaming or visit the place in person.

❓How Do I Get the Prasadam after Completion of the Puja?

We send you non-perishable prasadam to your doorstep with a courier or online delivery service for sure. If you want to receive fruits, rice prasadam, and other perishable items with your Prasadam bucket, then you need the puja place physically. In general, we send the kumkum (vermilion), coconut, cloth, and dry prasadam to our clients to avoid the consequences like dripping or oozing.

❓Can Hanuman Pooja be Performed in the Name of a Girl Child?

For sure. If parents want Live Puja Yagya to perform online Hanuman Pooja in the name of their girl child or children, we can do it without any problem. Our astrologers and pandit jis suggest an auspicious tithi or muhurat to perform the same. And, if you have any wish or timing, you can also share it with us.