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Puja for Peace


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Puja for Peace

The most suitable puja to get peace and prosperity in life is by performing the Satya Narayana Puja. Narayana means the utmost noble being while Satya means reality so Satya Narayana means the utmost noble incarnation of truth. It is performed to maintain the happiness and prosperity of the family and its wellness. Satya Narayana puja is the best way to offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. It is performed before or after the fulfilment of one’s desires. The puja is usually performed on Purnima every month with family members and friends reciting an incredible story of Satya Narayana. It can also be performed on any other special occasion or during a time of achievement to pay gratitude to the lord.

Significance and importance of Puja for Peace:

The first signs of this puja are traced in Skanda Purana. Suta puranik recites the whole story to the rishis in Naimisharanya. Purnima is considered the most propitious for doing this puja although can be done on any day except the new moon, in the evening along with the family members. This puja helps in seeking the blessings of god and fulfils the desires of the worshiper. This puja maintains the prosperity, happiness and wellness of the family.

One can do this puja on their own on auspicious occasions if you want to get it done along with the full rituals the online puja is now the best option as here one can perform it with full rituals according to the Vedic texts and purity of soul.

How to perform Puja for Peace:

The puja is performed on a full moon day or Sankranti to offer prayers to lord Vishnu. In the evening, the devotee along with the family members recites a story by Devarishi Narad for the profit of mankind.

The puja is offered in five parts. The first one is regarding, the timing of puja and how to perform it. The rest 4 parts are about the greatness of the god and importance of it in our life. Devotees keep fast on that day and offer lamp, kalasha filled with water, Prasad, panchamrit {a mixture of milk ghee, sugar, honey, curd}, flowers and other required puja material. First of all, a small incarnation of Vishnu is placed on the chowki, then tilak is put on it. A kalasha filled with water is kept, and the rest of the material is offered. After the katha of Lord Satya Narayan vrata, it is concluded by aarti and udvaasana.

Benefits of Puja for Peace:

This holy puja helps you in achieving prosperity. The devotee who has conducted the puja and other participants of the puja can acknowledge it in the peace of mind they get after the puja. They all are blessed with the blessings of lord Stayanarayana. The difficulties of life are miraculously extinguished, and no fear of sudden danger and, an increase in the positive energy and enlightenment of the mind is easily obtained by this puja.


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