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Diwali 5 Days Complete Puja

Diwali is one celebration that has dependably united societies, traditions, and religions in the stream of its celebration. It is partied about with incredible excitement, rapture, dedication, energy, feeling not just in India and yet in definitive parts of the planet.

There are age-old traditions, conventions, and ceremonies connected with it, that has still supported their centrality in the hearts of individuals. Diwali is a five-day celebration, with every day having its particular importance, traditions, ceremonies, and legends connected with it.

This festival begins from the day of Dhanteras and expands until the last day of Bhai Dooj.

The festival of Diwali incorporates wearing new apparel, planning of delights, offering petitions to God, trade of endowments, adorning houses, and territories, ordering get-together and numerous attractions that unite the whole crew. The five days, with their individual customs are:

Day 1 – Dhanteras Puja or Kuber Puja

The leading day of Diwali is called the Dhanteras or Dhantryaodashi. Consistent with the Hindu calendar, it falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Kartik.

Lord Kuber is worshiped on this day, and there is an uncommon noteworthiness of Dhanteras for the business groups it symbolizes New Year for them.

Markets are overflowed with purchasers as it is recognized exceptionally favorable to purchase new apparel and adornments on this day.

Day 2 – Narka Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali

The second day of Narka-Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali is the eve of Diwali. It falls on the fourteenth day in the month of Kartik and celebrate about the demise of evil presence Naraksura by Lord Krishna. The day has an essentialness of carrying beams of delight and blurring of various kinds of pessimism.

Day 3 – Diwali Puja or Lakshmi Puja

It is reputed to be "Badi Diwali", and there is a custom to worship Goddess Lakshmi after dusk on this day. Individuals embellish their houses and offer requests to God to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to their houses. It is regarded as the "festival of light" as on this day Lord Rama had come back to Ayodhya 14 years later of outcast in the wake of recovering his wife Sita from the grasp of devil ruler Ravana. Oil lights are lighted all through the house and lanes. This day is watched as a National occasion all through India and numerous different nations.

Day 4 – Govardhan Puja

It is reputed to be Govardhan Puja or Padwa. This day parties about the occurrence of Lord Krishna lifting mount Govardhan. It is standard to get ready a modest measure of mud and beautify it with blooms and different embellishments.

Day 5 – Bhai Dooj

The last day of Diwali festival is called the "Bhai Dooj". On this day, sisters apply Tilak on the brow of their siblings and the siblings as a fair exchange favor their sisters and guarantee to secure them all through life. It is an extremely holy day for all siblings and sisters.

We offer the five-day diwali puja to the worshipers. Here the devotees will get the combo puja from the expert astrologers. The puja included in this 5-day diwali puja is Kuber Puja, Krishna Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Ganesh puja, and other as per the requirement.

Price: Rs. 21,000.00

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  1. All of the Astro Reports are delivered with in 72 hours via Email.
  2. Usually delivers all Astro Products with in 2 days working days mostly in India it will arrive with you in 5 days or out of India with in 10 days.
  3. The photographs of the ceremony usually get delivered in 5-7 working days from the date of pooja by electronic mail.
  4. We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.

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