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According to Hindu mythology, whatever the puja we perform, we need to start with Ganesh puja in the first place. Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom, intelligence, wealth, prosperity, and liberation as well. So, if you want to be blessed with the boon of Parvati Nandan, the best astrologers, and purohits are here at Live Puja Yagya, to perform live Ganesh puja on your behalf. We are one of the best and most trusted online traditional puja platforms where you can book Ganesha pooja online easily.

Whether you want to perform Ganesh Chaturthi puja, Atharvashirsha puja, simple online Ganesh puja, Ganesh Utsav puja, or complete Ganesh Jayanti/Chaturthi puja, we are second to none catering to your needs through our customised ganesh puja online service

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Religious Importance of Ganapathi Ritual

The spiritual importance of the Ganesha puja ritual is beyond explanation. Anyone and everyone can worship Ganesha for complete well-being, to win over enemies, to achieve prosperity, and to undergo the process of sanctification of mind and soul; because Shri Ganesha is known for Kundalini Shakti Jagaran (awakening). 

It is believed that worshipping lord Ganesha imparts devotees the power to conquer obstacles and pave new ways to move forward in life. His boon bestows devotees with wisdom, intellect, and unbelievable resistance against negative/evil forces. So, to attain endless perseverance and peace in life, book Ganesha Pooja online now at Live Puja Yagya, an online puja platform of trust. 

Top Panditji for Your Auspicious Ganesha Puja

We all can worship Ganesha at our home before starting any new event. However, when you want to celebrate Ganesh puja ensuring all Vedic practices, booking an astrologer from a reputed puja service platform is the best decision. Live Puja Yagya has been serving online ganesha puja needs for people from different parts of India for years and helping people fulfil their wishes. Book Ganpati puja online here to conduct Ganesha veneration by one of India’s best and most experienced Ganesha Puja astrologers. We connect you with top astrologers in India here at Live Puja Yagya to let your puja needs be served accompanied by auspicious vedic puja practices. 


People Also Ask

❓What Are the Benefits of Worshipping Ganesha?

There are countless benefits of worshipping Ganesha. You can get rid of obstacles in your personal and professional life, attain peace and purity for your mind and soul, sharpen your intelligence, and experience a good flow of money in your life. Conducting Ganesha pooja online benefits you if you have sankalpa to get fulfilled. Contact Live Puja Yagya for online puja service now.

❓What Planet Can Be Pacified in Worshipping Ganesha?

Especially Mars and Ketu get pacified in worshipping Ganesha with full devotion and surrender. So, if you are suffering from chronic health issues due to Mars and/or Ketu infliction in your natal chart, you can certainly go for the Ganesha Pooja online option. Live Puja Yagya performs online puja for its clients and delivers Prasadam and Ashirvaad at the doorstep with care and precautions.

❓Which Day in a Week Is Preferable to Worship Ganesha?

You can worship Lord Ganesha any day of the week. Some belief in worshipping Ganesha on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you want to get rid of Mars’s ill effect, worshipping Ganesha on Tuesday is said to be effective. Wednesday Ganesha Puja improves your intelligence as it denotes Mercury, and doing puja of Ganesha on Friday increases your wealth.

❓How Ganesha Removes Obstacles of Marriage?

Ganesha is known as Vignnyaharta and Kastanibarak. Hence, if Mars or Ketu is malefic in a birth chart and any of these create a delay in marriage, worshipping Ganesha reduces the malefic effects. Hence, it is said to do Ganesha Aradhana and Puja to remove marriage obstacles. Contact Live Puja Yagya to book Ganesha pooja online and take part in the puja with live streaming.

❓Can I Book for Ganesh Puja at Live Puja Yagya on My Preferred Day?

Yes, you can. You are free to book online ganpati pooja here at Live Puja Yagya anytime and any day. With the availability of astrologers and pujaris, we will confirm your booking. If all slots are booked then we inform you of the next available time for Ganesha pooja. The earlier you book for pooja online the faster you get your slot for estimated tithi or date.