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Ganesh Abhishek

The lord ganesha is the foremost deity who is worshipped before starting any venture or any puja. He obliterates all challenges confronted by a single. His ubiquity is seen during the ganesh chaturthi, a widely celebrated festival among Indians. On this auspicious day he is accepted to descend on earth and to listen to the requests of his fanatics and give them their wishes. The ganpati abhishek is the inseparable part of ganesh puja performed by his disciples before the starting of any feasible promising events.

Importance of ganesha abhishek:

During the bhadrapad shukla chaturthi to anant chaturdashi the frequencies of shree ganesha descend on the earth at maximum. These help in reducing the rigorousness of the yam frequencies. The worship and abhishek performed on the bhadrapad shukla chaturthi showers the happiness and prosperity n the devotees.

Significance of ganesha abhishek:

The bhadrapad shukla chaturthi is the auspicious day in hindu mythology. People believed that on this day lord ganesha took birth on the earth and the ganesha principle is descending on the earth thousand times more than the other days. This period is the most beneficial time and ideal time of performing the ganesha puja and abhishek. The lord ganesha’s abhishek is a strong anushthan which removes the negativity from the life and ensures the incoming of positivity and fearlessness in life.

Benefits o ganesha abhishek:

Due to the yam frequencies, which are tama predominant, descend on earth in higher proportion from the full moon day of ashadh to the full moon day of kartik. Due to these frequencies the jatakas suffer from physical, mental and spiritual agony. The abhishek helps in reducing these sufferings. The physical fitness is achieved by this abhishek. The jataks feel positive energy and enthusiasm in their life. The restlessness, negative energies, covering on their mind and intellect is removed from their life. The devotees also get the spiritual strength, intellectual stability, and physical fitness by this abhishek.

How to perform ganesha abhishek:

The ganesha abhishek is performed under the guidance of trained pundits. The abhishek is to be performed very carefully following the rituals strictly. While performing the abhishek, firstly the aarti is performed and then the idol of the lord ganesha is given bath with water and milk. After that apply the tilak and offer garland. Show diya, camphor, and incense thrice and wash the idol with water. The process is to be repeated with the curd, ghee, honey, sugar, sandalwood paste, turmeric water, sindoor water, coconut water, orange juice.

After this, the sandalwood paste is applied on the idol and aarti is performed. At the end of the ceremony the idol is again washed with the water and decorated with clothes, garlands and ornaments and then grand aarti is performed. Prasad is distributed and food clothes and money is donated by the devotee.

Price: Rs. 2,500.00

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