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Since from the ancient times the sri rudra puja is performed by the jatakas to please the lord shiva, the almighty god of Hindu trinity. Rudra is the one of the fierce form of lord shiva which is the destroyer of evils.

Importance of sri  rudra puja:

The people who desire for inner peace and all round prosperity in their life perform the rudra puja. The Hindus believe that it is the greatest puja and removes all negative and malefic effects of planets and evil forces. After this puja, peace environs in our body, mind and soul.

Significance of rudra puja:

The Hindus believed that the entire world is made up of energies- negative and positive. This thought is also supported by the science and the scientist too said the world is consisting of various energies. The puja performed for pleasing lord rudra- the lord of transformation is so auspicious that the entire negative energies surrounding us in the form of diseases, depression, unhappiness, failures gets transformed in the peace, prosperity, joy and success.

How to perform sri rudra puja:

The puja of rudra is performed with the crystal linga or shiva linga. The linga is washed with the curd water milk ghee honey etc along with the recital of Vedic mantras. The devotees offer all these substances to lord rudra with love and gratitude and seek his blessings in life. The entire ceremony is carried out under the guidance of sadhaka/ trained pundits. The puja creates a miraculous environment and makes to so pure and meditative. Sri rudra is the hymn devoted to lord rudra also known as rudra prasana. It is in two parts and recital of it helps in destroying all the sins of life. The puja is ended with the grand aarti and Prasad is distributed.

Benefits of sri rudra puja:

The sri rudra puja is one of the strongest puja in the Hindu mythology, which removes all the sins and negative karmas from one’s life. The puja also protects the devotee from the unseen danger and evil forces residing in the world. The puja helps the jataks to attain peace of mind, body and soul. The auspicious puja brings in lots of happiness and prosperity in one’s life. The doshas of horoscope and malefic effects of planets are gets removed by this puja. It showers blessings of lord rudra over the devotee and fulfills all the desires. The sri rudra has many hymns which have coded secrets and are used in the ayurvedic medicines too.


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