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Navagrah Puja and its Effect on Our Life

Ensure a happy and prosperous life by removing all negativity and planetary afflictions by performing Navagraha puja online. At Live Puja Yagya, we perform all kinds of pujas by our experienced pandit ji with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and premium quality puja samagris. Navagraha puja is performed to reduce the bad impacts of planets on your life and to welcome positive energy in personal and professional realms.

Navagraha means nine planets in Astrology. When most of the planets in a horoscope are malefic or weak, they impact the native’s life negatively. Hence, professional and expert astrologers advise performing the Navagraha puja. Live Puja Yagya is always right beside you to perform Navagraha puja online on your behalf and make your life a better place to live.  

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Navgraha Puja Vidhi

At Live Puja Yagya, our professional and well-versed pandit ji takes care of every step of Navagraha puja online to fulfill your puja goals. 

  • Adhered to in-depth knowledge of Vedic scriptures and Vedas, our pandit ji starts worshipping planets invoking them. 
  • Next, he embodies the planets to start the puja rituals. Next Akshat will be offered to the planets with the right hand followed by chanting mantras. 
  • One by one, Pandit Ji takes Akshat in hand and offers it for consecration in Navagraha Mandal to invoke all the nine planets and worship them in chanting mantras to fulfill your Sankalp.  

At Live Puja Yagya, we perform the Navagraha Puja online only by learned and verified pandit ji to ensure 100% guaranteed puja experience and benefits for our devotees. We perform this puja in Navagraha temples only.

You can participate in the puja through live streaming or if you wish, you can attend the puja visiting the place. 

Benefits of Navagraha puja

Navagraha puja is one of the best rituals performed to establish happiness, peace, harmony, and success in life. People who performed the Navagraha puja to date have ended up with 

  • Prosperity 
  • Emancipation from hard times and struggles
  • Liberation from evil eyes, negative energy, and malefic planets
  • Constant peace and calm in mind
  • Experience positivity in personal and professional life
  • Success and fulfillment in career
  • A healthy mind and body to move forward in life
  • Blessing from nine planets and liberation from the evil eyes of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. 

Live Puja Yagya has been performing the Navagraha puja online for its clients for years. Book your slot now to feel blessed and get benefits. 

Why Choose Live Puja Yagya for Performing Navgraha Puja

Live Puja Yagya has been one of the online puja platforms of repute for years. Here, all kinds of puja plus Navagraha puja online are performed under the governance of experienced and registered pandit jis.  Once you choose Live Puja Yagya to perform Navagraha puja need, rest assured to have only Vedic ritual rich and fully organized puja at the best price. 

Book the Experienced Pandits for Navagraha Puja from Live Puja Yagya

Your search for the best and most professional pandit for Navagraha puja online ends at Live Puja Yagya. All our pandit jis at Live Puja Yagya have over decades of experience performing pujas for our existing and new Yajamans (clients) with puja precision, exact rituals described in Veda and Hindu Vedic scriptures. Our pandit jis at Live Puja Yagya are verified pujaris and have a chain of clients due to their expertise in performing Vedic pujas, homams, jaap, idol embodiment, invoking, and consecrations. So, if you are looking for only the best and most knowledgeable pujari for Navagraha puja online, contact Live Puja Yagya right now. 


People Also Ask


❓Should I Perform Navagraha Puja as I am Suffering from Losses in Business?

Yes, Navagraha puja is a very effective remedy for getting rid of all evil and negativity. If you are incurring losses in business without any reason, you can certainly perform the Navagraha Puja Online at Live Puja Yagya. Before that, you can consult with any of our astrologers for better results and confirmation.

❓Can I perform Navagraha Puja without any Reason?

No reason is required once you decide to pray to God. so, if you are thinking of performing Navagraha puja, you can contact Live Puja Yagya for the same. Our respective and experienced pandit ji will take care of your Navagraha puja online and perform all the rituals followed by strict Vedic puja guidelines.

❓Can I Choose the Temple for Navagraha Puja Online at Live Puja Yagya?

Yes, you are free to choose the temple for Navagraha puja online as well as the Pandit ji. We offer this flexibility to all our Yajamans to complete their Sankalp according to their wishes and manifestations. Even, if you wish, you can attend the puja physically visiting the temple at the estimated puja time.

❓What is Navagraha Shanti Puja?

Navagraha puja online or Navagraha shanti puja online or offline – all these are the same. When your planets are favoring you and you are undergoing obstacles and bundles one after another, Navagraha puja should be performed by a verified pandit ji. Live Puja Yagya is all here to help you fulfill your Navagraha puja needs with the best experience.

❓What is the best time to perform Navgraha Puja?

Saturday is the best day to perform Navagraha puja online or at your home. For the auspicious mahurat, you need to talk to our pandit ji. You will be guided with the right time and place to perform the puja. Even, the running Mahadasha or Aantardasha is taken to find out the right timing for the puja.