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Book Saraswati Pooja Online

Book Saraswati Pooja Online

Contact Live Puja Yagya to book Saraswati pooja online with only experienced and verified pandit ji or astrologers of your choice. Maa Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and she is the deity of education, intelligence, consciousness, learning ability, skill, and performing arts. Without her blessing excelling in the field of studies is beyond impossible. She is the deity of Knowledge, Wisdom, and pure Consciousness. Get blessed with piety, articulateness, creativity, and intelligence book Vedic Ritual Rich Saraswati pooja online at Live Puja Yagya. You can take part in the puja of Maa Saraswati through live streaming or you can personally attend the puja in the temple. 

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Benefits of Saraswati Puja

Surprisingly, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter – these three planets create Saraswati Yoga in a horoscope while placed in trine or quadrant together or in making connections. Thus, it is pretty much clear why we should worship Mata Saraswati irrespective of age, time, and wishes. When you worship Mata Saraswati, you will be endowed with 

  • Unlimited knowledge and wisdom,
  • Purity in your heart
  • Liberation from dark or evil thinking
  • The sudden awakening of consciousness
  • Ease to attain success with each of your endeavors
  • Confidence, morality, and Nobel thinking process

 Live Yagya Puja has come up with a plethora of online puja services and Saraswati Pooja online is one of these. Book your puja slot now and choose Pandit Ji or an Astrologer to perform the puja to attain divine grace. 

Book the Best Pandits for Saraswati Pooja from Live Puja Yagya

At Live Puja Yagya, all the pujas and bandanas are performed following precise Vedic rituals and rules under the governance of learned and verified pandit jis and astrologers. Our astrologers are experienced and have in-depth knowledge of Vedic Shastra and Rituals. Book Saraswati Pooja online here at your esteemed date and tithi with the best astrologer of your choice. We conduct puja at popular temples, telecast live puja for our clients, and send photographs of the ceremonies through electronic mail. If you have any specific choice of Puja Temple for the Saraswati Pooja online, share it with us. We will certainly do our best to cater to your needs. 


People Also Ask


❓Which is the Auspicious Day for Saraswati Puja?

In the Month of Magha and on Shukla Panchami tithi, we generally celebrate the auspicious puja of Mata Saraswati. In Hindu religion, the day is also known as Basant Panchami. According to the Gregorian calendar, the day falls in between the last days of January and to first 20 days of February. However, the Shukla Panchami tithi is the exact time to perform Saraswati Pooja online or at your place.

❓Is Saraswati Puja Only Puja for the Kids/Students/Trainees?

Certainly not. Anyone passionate about learning, acquiring skills, practicing music, poetry, singing, dancing, painting, and/or involved in the domain of fine or performing arts can worship Mata Saraswati irrespective of age. Mata Saraswati is the deity of Gyaan, Education, Wisdom, and Intelligence and she is worshiped by all who are involved in any educational, vocational, or art-related field.

❓What are the Special Days for Worshipping Maa Saraswati Other than Basant Panchami?

If you are an ardent devotee of Maa Saraswati and you don’t want to miss any auspicious muhurta to worship Mata, you can choose the 7th day of Navaratri to do the puja. You can also book for Saraswati Pooja online at Live Puja Yagya to perform Saraswati Puja with all Vedic rituals and be a part of the puja through live telecast or participating in puja at the temple.

❓Which Planets Get Improved with the Puja of Mata Saraswati?

If you have weak Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus in your birth chart, you can certainly perform Saraswati Pooja online. With the blessing of Mata Saraswati, you can get rid of troubles induced in your life with the weak placement of Mercury/Jupiter/Venus. Even, you can attain better concentration, memory, and wisdom with constant Aradhana of mata Saraswati.

❓What is the Best Day to Perform Saraswati Puja in a Week?

You can do puja of Mata Saraswati any day of your wish. However, if you want to have the maximum benefits from your puja, Friday is the best day in the week to perform this puja. Live Puja Yagya is always here to cater to your needs of performing Saraswati puja with all bidhi and bidhans at your desired Mata temple at an affordable cost. Contact us now to book Saraswati Pooja online.