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Lord Shiva aka Bholenath is the archetype of the spiritual consciousness in the earth. He is Mahakaal; he is beyond time and there is no starting or ending of the kaal chakra. He is the god of annihilation. He destroys old, decayed, and deceitful things to establish a new beginning.  He embodies five elements of nature including Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Space which are the source of our birth and our bodies dissolve in these same elements after death. He is the beauty beyond every beautiful object our mortal eyes experience and the peace that our mortal minds struggle to attain.  

Anyone and everyone can worship lord Shiva anytime and anywhere. If you want a truly learned and experienced pandit to perform Shiv Puja on your behalf, contact Live Puja Yagya for Shiva Puja online

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Benefits of Shiva Puja

We are lucky that we can worship lord Shiva in many forms. As an Adi Yogi, Nataraj, Bholenath, Rudra, Kala Bhairava, Dakshinamurthy, Pashupatinath, and so on so forth. But, there is only one motto a devotee has and it is to attain eternal peace and harmony in life. Shiva is well-known as a generous god to his devotees. He never disappoints his devotees. Hence, if you perform Shiva puja online or at your place or a temple, you will be blessed with so many benefits including 

  • Mental and physical well-being
  • Great wisdom and knowledge
  • Get free from the fear of death
  • Happy personal, professional, and married life
  • Be blessed with talented children
  • Get free from anger, greed, negative thinking, and of course pain in your life

Visit today to book your shiva puja online and get rid of all your agony. 

Book the Expert Pandits for Shiva Puja from Live Puja Yagya

Now you can perform Shiva puja online by the expert and Shiva puja specialist Pandit ji at Live Puja Yagya, the best and most trusted online platform to observe Shiva puja ceremony. You can book an expert Pandit Ji of your choice from our platform. The puja will be performed according to your Sankalpa and timing. You can also select the puja temple of your choice if you wish. We will arrange the Shiva puja at the place of your preference. The best part is that you can attend the shiva puja physically or you can experience the whole puja ceremony through live telecast on your mobile, tablet, or PC. We will send the prasadam (Non-Perishable) to your doorstep.  


People Also Ask


❓Who Can Observe or Perform Shiva Puja?

Anyone from any caste, creed, and gender in Hindu Religion can perform Shiva Puja online. There are no hard and fast rules to follow if you wish to go for an Online Shiva Puja. if you are a devotee of Shiva and you feel a certain connection and power chanting his name, you can go to perform Shiva puja.

❓Why Tulsi Is Not Offered to Lord Shiva?

According to mythology, Jalandhar, the husband of Vrinda (Tulsi) who was a demon-like entity was killed by Lord Shiva. Thus, Virnda refused to worship lord Shiva with any of her belongings and Tulsi is one her of belongings. Hence, Tulsi aka Basil leaves is not offered to Lord Shiva.

❓What is The Best Day to Worship Shiva?

If you want to achieve the maximum result in worshipping lord Shiva then you can do it between the dawn and before the end of Krishna Chaturdashi tithi. It is considered one of the auspicious times of worshipping Shiva. To know whether it is possible to maintain the same while you are opting for Shiva Puja online service, talk to customer assistance at Live Puja Yagya.

❓I Want to Book Shiva Puja Online Services At Live Puja Yagya. What Should I Do?

It is very simple sir. Just find the Shiva Puja service you are looking for on our website, click on the “Add to Cart” button you will find it right below the puja description. Then provide all your details and pay to complete your purchase. You can pay with your debit/credit cards or UPI payment method to book Shiva puja online.

❓Do You People Provide Shiva Puja Online Service Other Than Mondays?

Certainly. You can book Shiva puja online for other than Mondays. We have a team of experienced and well-versed Pandit jis who have rich knowledge of Vedas and other Hindu scriptures. So, they can better guide you if you have any special Sankalpa or Mannat to perform shiva puja online on a special day or event.