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Puja for Shiva


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Puja for Shiva

Shiva puja has an important place and significance in Hindu mythology. The rituals performed to please Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivratri help in seeking his blessings and salvation. This puja is believed to destroy all the past sins committed by the person.

Significance of Puja for Shiva:

As per Shiva Purana, the puja offered to ruler Shiva with accurate heart and commitment yields the otherworldly development on top of all material things on the planet for the enthusiast. The puja is additionally done on Mondays and has a paramount place if performed in the month of saawan consistent with the Hindu timetable. The lovers in the month of Sawan wake up right in the morning and carry the sacred water from their nearby water bodies or places to perform puja. The puja accepts to yield life span and all material success in life.

Importance of lord Shiva puja:

It is said that the puja performed to please lord Shiva helps the one to enlighten his soul. His all past sins are removed by this puja. All the things used in the puja have their significance e.g. bilwa patra reduces the temper of lord Shiva while beetle leaves show satisfaction towards all worldly things present all around. Lighting of diya means knowledge. All the rituals have their specific value hence puja is performed by all rituals followed by the devotees. It is believed that the offering of water to Shiva linga, hugging the Shiva linga, ringing the bells and lighting the diya in the temple helps the devotee in seeking the blessings of Shiva. Their ethics is activated and they become aware of themselves and the universe from which they all belong to live.

How to do puja for Lord Shiva:

The puja of Shiva includes the abhisheka of lord Shiva. The puja is offered sincerely following all the rituals. The auspicious day’s puja has many rituals although the daily puja of Shiva is very simple and can be done every day by offering water on Shiva linga. Shiva is pleased if bilva patra is offered to him. The special abhiseka is done by six dravyas (water, sugar, milk, honey, ghee, yoghurt). The mantra is chanted while offering the dravyas to Shiva linga. Then the sandalwood paste and bilwa patra, garland of aak flowers, akshat and any fruit or Prasad is offered to the shiva linga. Then the diya and incense sticks are burned and aarti is performed. Some people also perform sahasra ghat puja on this auspicious day

Benefits of Shiva puja:

The puja favours are unified with immaculacy and devotion. The favours of Master Shiva assist in securing Prosperity, descendants, triumph, joy and sweet discourse. This puja is valuable, particularly for women. The wedded women petition Shiva for the well-being of their spouses and family while unmarried young women go to ruler Shiva for fancied life friends. Other than this, the puja is for all and aids in achieving thriving, riches, in the length of life, murdering all the negative energies and executing all the sins conferred in the past.


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