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Puja for New Car

Hindus bless all the new machines and items, that are used in their daily life such as houses, cars, bikes, home appliances, electrical products etc. One such product is four-wheelers. Car puja is performed by the Hindus to take the blessing of the lord and appease the lord to bless the car to protect it from mishap. Car puja is performed soon after the purchase of the car or as soon as possible after the purchase of the car. The general puja performed for a new car is Lord Ganesh Puja.

The procedure involved in the puja for new car is described below:

Before performing the car puja, the car is washed and wiped clean. The possessor of the car takes part in the puja with the pujari, as others watch the transactions. The possessor acknowledges the sacred water from the pujari into his/her right hand and washes his/her hands for the puja. This is rehashed three times. In temples, it is a tenet to acknowledge things with the right hand with the left hand under the right hand.

For three reiterations, he/she acknowledges rice from the pujari to sprinkle onto the front of the new car. The pujari draws a swastika with the third finger of the right hand. This is drawn on the car with turmeric powder blended with water. It can likewise be drawn with sandalwood paste. The swastika -conceived in India over 5,000 years -is a favourable (good fortunes) image and means, “to be well”. After the swastika is drawn, the possessor of the auto is again given rice, for three redundancies, to favour the swastika by sprinkling rice on it. For every sprinkle, the possessor needs to present a few mantras.

Meditate on Lord Ganesha and discuss blessed mantras. One set of mantras incorporates discussing 11 of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha. Incense sticks are lit and the pujari takes the aforementioned and loops them around the swastika three times in a clockwise course, then takes them inside the auto around the guiding wheel three times in a clockwise bearing, recounting mantras.

The pujari spots a little symbol close to the controlling wheel where the driver can see it. The decision of icon hinges on the holder’s wish. Sacred water is sprinkled on it before putting it. The individual who claims the auto will break the coconut close to the right front tyre and sprinkle the coconut water on the tyre. The coconut is kept as prasadam and consumed later.

If you wish to perform the puja for new car, you can get it done with the help of our experienced pandits.


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