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Janmashtami Puja in 2024


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Janmashtami puja

The Janmashtami is an auspicious and pious festival for Hindus. The festival is in honour of lord Krishna’s birthday. The festival is observed on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in bhadwa/bhadrapad maas according to the Hindu calendar in the northern states of India. The festival is also known as Sriashtami or gokulashtami. The people fully engrossed in the name of god and in his glory sing songs and bhajans.

How to do puja of Janmashtami

Janmashtami puja is performed with the puja items especially required for the festival. Each of the puja items has its significance and hence from the list of items nothing is missed. A few puja items are as follows thali, bell, diya, akshat, cardamom, betel leaves, flowers, roli, kalash, clothes and jewellery for the deity’s idol and small cradle. Prasad and panchamrit are offered.

The puja in the temples of lord Krishna starts from early morning and continues until late night with the singing of bhajans, hymns, mantras and songs. The idol of Krishna is offered a sacred bath using gangajal, honey, milk, ghee, and yoghurt. Then the idol is adorned with new clothes and jewellery especially yellow and red colour, which are made for this auspicious day.

Then the puja place is illuminated with diyas and devotees offer their desired things in the temple, chant the mantras, and sing the bhajans to honour the lord Krishna. At midnight, the idol is placed in the cradle and swung with the blowing of conches. The ritual specifies that the lord Krishna has come to the earth then aarti is performed and panchamrit and Prasad are distributed to the devotees. Devotees perform the same puja at their homes too.

Benefits of Janmashtami puja Online

The Shri Krishna puja is very effective and helps in winning over the enemies and all adversaries. It minimizes the malefic effects of Ketu and inflicts the seventh house of your horoscope and nisantaan dosha in the couples. The puja of Shri Krishna also shower the devotees with a long life and happiness in life. Their married life goes smoothly and the tension regarding the children is removed. This is the puja, which helps in acquiring the materialistic as well as spiritualistic prosperity in life and protects the devotee from any negative and evil effects.

Mantra for Janmashtami puja

“Vasudevam sutam devam kansacharumardanam

Devaki paramanandanam krishnam vande jagadgurum”


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