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Pooja for Rahu


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Pooja for Rahu

Pooja for Rahu or the Dragon’s Head Worship is devoted to planet Rahu. Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja is prescribed for those, who have malefic Rahu or wrongly put Rahu according to the horoscope. In Vedic celestial prophesy, the North Node of the Moon is called Rahu. Rahu is portrayed by scriptures as half-bodied, conceived of as a lioness, snakelike, having an enormous figure and being uncommonly effective. Rahu is called dull or shadow planet in light of the Node’s cooperation with the phenomena of shrouds. The nature of Rahu is Airy.

How to perform Pooja for Rahu

Rahu Puja is performed to allay the planet Rahu. Rahu Puja is extremely suitable & gainful since it reinforces and increments the positive influence and kills the negative effects of Rahu. Rahu Puja is suggested for those having malefic Rahu or wrongly put Rahu according to horoscope. Droning of the accompanying mantra serves to get the favours of the Dragon’s head.

Aum Kleem Rog Naashaay Raahave Kleem Phat

The correct worship of the Dragon’s Head favours every one of the aforementioned who experiences sudden disease, the misfortune of cash and deferred in marriage.

Significance of Pooja for Rahu

Dragon’s head or Rahu is connected with the universe of material indication and common covet. Rahu is connected with the profound technique of involution, or the charming of spirit in appearance. Rahu is a pointer of common yearning, distinction, eagerness, towering discernment, control, obsessive conduct, nonnatives, mass infection, dementia, and idleness. Rahu is accepted to fortify one’s energy and change even an adversary into a companion.


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