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Online Shani Jayanti Puja in 2025


Step into the sacred realm of cosmic alignment with our Online Shani Jayanti Puja. Commemorating the birth anniversary of Lord Shani, this revered ritual, meticulously crafted and conducted online, stands as a beacon of hope and positivity.

On Tuesday, May 27th, 2025, immerse yourself in the time-honored traditions and rituals that mark Shani Jayanti. From washing the idol’s feet to reciting potent mantras invoking Lord Shani’s blessings, every step of this puja is designed to alleviate Graha doshas and usher in harmony and prosperity.

Join us for the Online Shani Jayanti Pooja, & Tel Oil Abhishekam a spiritual journey that transcends boundaries, mitigates adverse planetary influences, and paves the way for personal and professional well-being. Reserve your place now and embrace the divine grace of this celestial occasion.

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Shani Jayanti: Commemorating the Benevolent Lord Shani

Exploring the Significance and Rituals of Shani Jayanti

Online Shani Jayanti Puja, observed during the month of Vaishakh on Amavasya, marks the birth anniversary of Lord Shani, one of the celestial planets. This occasion is revered as a means to alleviate Graha doshas indicated in one’s birth chart attributed to Lord Shani’s influence. The devout seek to mitigate the adverse effects through dedicated prayers and rituals to Shani Dev.

Understanding Shani Jayanti Date in 2025

In the year 2025, Shani Jayanti falls on May 27th, a Tuesday.

Performing the Shani Jayanti Pooja

The rituals for Shani Jayanti commence with washing the idol of Lord Shani’s feet, followed by the revered act of devotees drinking the consecrated water. The idol is then bathed, adorned with black clothes, and offered incense or camphor. Lighting sesame seed oil lamps, chanting mantras in devotion, and donating black Til or rice to the needy are customary practices. Observing a fast and breaking it after sunset with a meal of rice and urad dal are also part of the traditions.

Benefits and Significance of Online Shani Jayanti Puja

The observance of Shani Jayanti Puja is believed to alleviate Pitra Dosha, rectifying adverse impacts on individuals’ lives and removing obstacles hindering success. For devotees facing planetary maleficence, this day holds profound significance. Wholehearted prayers to Lord Shani are thought to bestow blessings, addressing both personal and professional challenges.

Mantras Chanted on Shani Jayanti

Several mantras are chanted during Shani Jayanti, invoking the blessings and peace from Lord Shani:

  • Om shreem shani devaya namo namaha
  • Om shreem shani devaya shanty Bhavaha
  • Om shreem shani devaya Subham Phalaha
  • Om shreem shani devaya pralahapraptiphalaha


Shani Jayanti stands as an auspicious occasion to seek blessings and mitigate the adverse effects of planetary influence, fostering personal and professional well-being.


Q1: What is Shani Jayanti?

Shani Jayanti commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Shani, one of the celestial planets, observed during the month of Vaishakh on Amavasya. Devotees perform rituals and prayers to seek Lord Shani’s blessings and mitigate the adverse effects of planetary influences.

Q2: How does Shani Jayanti benefit individuals?

Observing Shani Jayanti Pooja is believed to alleviate Pitra Dosha, reducing adverse effects on individuals’ lives and removing obstacles hindering success. Devotees believe it brings blessings and resolves personal and professional challenges.

Q3: What are the key rituals of Shani Jayanti Pooja?

The rituals include washing Lord Shani’s idol’s feet, consuming the consecrated water, bathing the idol, offering black clothes and incense, lighting sesame seed oil lamps, chanting mantras, and donating black Til or rice to the needy. Fasting and breaking it with a specific meal are also observed.

Q4: Why is Lord Shani revered during Shani Jayanti?

Lord Shani is revered during Shani Jayanti as it’s believed that by worshipping him on this day, individuals can mitigate the malefic influences of the planet and seek blessings for overall well-being.

Q5: Can anyone perform the Online Shani Jayanti Pooja?

Yes, anyone can perform the Online Shani Jayanti Pooja with sincerity and dedication. The rituals and prayers are open for all devotees seeking blessings and mitigating the malefic effects of planetary influences in their lives. Book Now



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