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Book Shani Shanti Puja Online

Book Shani Shanti Puja Online

Lord Saturn is the god of Karma and people perform Shani shanti puja online to pacify the malefic effects of Shani planet. Shani/Saturn rules the 10th house and 11th house of the Kalpurush Kundali. He is one of the most renowned planets to create fear and worry among people. However, a native who performs his duty without being carried out by frequent emotions, procrastination, and negligence Saturn rewards them with the maximum results. Thus far, if you are a workaholic and you prioritize your duty and work above everything, Saturn is here for your help. Choose Live Puja Yagya to surrender your devotion to lord Shani through Shani Puja online.

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Benefits of Shani Puja and Yagna

Shani the Karmakaraka planet is misunderstood mostly. However, natives who surrender to Shani deva and invoke boon for patience, calmness, clarity, and dedication for work, Shani never disappoints them. Shani Shanti puja online at Live Puja Yagya helps to reduce the bad effects of Shani on personal, professional, and family life. Most importantly, one who gets conscious about his role and never neglects his duties, Shani endows him with rewards, wealth, prosperity, and happiness which are limitless. One who performs Shani Puja online can experience speed in his career, promotion, success in professional life, mental agility, patience, and happiness in family and married life.

Why Book Shani Puja from Live Puja Yagya

Akin to other Vedic puja and rituals, Shani puja has certain rules to follow. At Live Puja Yagya, we have been performing Shani Puja and Shani Shanti Puja online for years. So, we are well-known for how to perform Shani puja to fulfill your Sankalp. Not only that, you will get the best pandit ji at Live Puja Yagya to perform your Shani puja online with all the vidhi and mantra chanting. Plus, you can attain the puja physically if you wish. You can choose the temple of your preference to perform the puja. Our service is getting bigger day by day, and we now started performing puja at the desired temples of our clients. So, once you choose Live Puja Yagya for Shani Puja online, you will get only the best experience.

Book the Best Astrologers for Shani Grah Shanti Puja from Live Puja Yagya

Now get the best astrologer and pandit ji for Shani shanti puja online at Live Puja Yagya. Our astrologers and pandit jis are well-versed in performing Shani puja, the Graha Raj following all Vedic practices mentioned in Vedic scriptures and Shani Purana. If you are suffering due to Shani, unable to settle in work, lacking opportunities in the job sector, and are not getting the desired result in your professional life after too many efforts, Shani puja online by the best astrologer at Live Puja Yagya will change your life. Not only the puja will be performed in your name but also it will be performed based on your horoscope on auspicious mahurat that brings you the maximum positivity in your work front.

People Also Ask


❓Can a Woman Perform Shani Shanti Puja?

Of course, a woman can perform Shani puja in her name. If she is struggling hard on the work front and looking for ways to attain success and stability at her job, she can certainly book Shani Puja online at Live Puja Yagya.

❓How Performing Shani Puja is Auspicious for Married Couples?

Shani gets exalted in Libra, the 7th house in Kalpurush Kundali. It is the house of partnership and marriage. So, a couple who is not happy in married life and looking for a way to sort out issues to sustain the marriage can perform Shani Puja or Shani Shanti Puja online at Live Puja Yagya. Beforehand, it is advised to analyze the horoscope from our astrologers.

❓Why to Offer Mustard Oil to Shani Deva?

It is said that people who have been suffering from joint pain or serious ailments plus pain for a long time can offer mustard oil to Shani Deva. it helps to reduce pain and suffering. Offering oil to the Shani idol is also called Tailabhishekam. You can donate mustard oil to needy people along with Shani puja online to get rid of Shani dosha.

❓What is the Best Day to Perform Shani Puja?

Saturday is the best day to perform Shani Shanti or Shani puja online. If Amavasya (New Moon Day) falls on Saturday, performing Shani puja on this day is believed more auspicious. Devotees should keep fast on this day, donate clothes, food, and oil to the poor, and perform the Shani puja wholeheartedly to earn blessings from Lord Shani.

❓What Makes Shani Happy and Appeased?

One who believes in karma and never neglects his duty, appeases Saturn or Shani Deva more easily. Shani is the karaka of Karma. He is the taskmaster. Hence, if you want to appease Saturn, do good work, do charity, help others, and grassroots people along with performing Shani puja online.