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Surya Namaskar puja

Surya Namaskar means salutation to lord surya. The lord surya, the sun is the giver of energy to the world and gives self-vitalization. Surya namaskaar is useful puja, which helps in achieving the concentration with performing the few routine exercise, prayers and worship the lord Surya according to the scriptures. The puja is performed early morning before rising of the sun.

Significance of Surya Namaskar puja:

According to Hindu mythology, the puja is performed with the 12 mantras, which are different names of lord sun. The surya namaskar puja includes few body postures and with each posture a mantra is associated and devotee chants that mantra and offers their prayer to the lord sun. They stand facing the east at dawn and recite the mantras to pray the lord surya and offer water, flowers, akshat and sandal.

Importance of Surya Namaskar puja:

The rituals of chanting the mantras, pranayaam, mudras and aasanas all have a significant position in the puja. The rituals are designed to invoke the power into the devotee and provide him the strength to face the vicissitudes of life with the dignity and aristocracy. It is lways performed in the dawn, facing the rising sun, while standing on the earth and offering water to the lord sun as ablution and the pancha mahabhuta are propitiated. The rituals are extremely beneficial for the health and have an overall effect on the health of devotees.

How to do Surya Namaskaar puja:

Surya Namaskaar is a salutation of lord sun/surya. Devotees take water in the pot and mix red sandal, flowers, akshat etc and facing towards the sun in the dawn. They hold the pot in between their fingers keeping the thumb aside and offer the water to sun chanting the mantras. After the puja certain physical asans are also performed. The puja is preferably performed in an open and airy place. There are many other rituals associated with the puja and a trained pandit help in offering the perfect ritualistic holy puja to the lord sun.

 Benefits of Surya Namaskaar puja:

The Surya Namaskaar puja is extremely beneficial for the health. The endocrine system gets stimulated with the rays of sun. The early morning sun-rays are extremely nourishing for our body and kill all the germs and bacteria. This practice has become an important part of hath yoga. The puja refines, sensitize and energise the human being. The surya namaskaar fosters a discipline of mind, body and emotions. It sustains, nourishes and evolves all life on the planet. The puja helps in repaying the debt by living a clean, pure and disciplined life. It is a vital tool for achieving noble goals of life. The puja gives sound health, energy, prosperity, strength and even cures all the diseases.

Mantras of Surya Namaskaar puja:

“Ehi Soorya sahastransho tejorashe jagatpate Anukampaya mam bhaktya grihanarghyam divakara”

Then offer the following prayer to Lord Surya.

Dhyaeah sada savitri mandala madhyavarti

Narayanah sarashija sanasanni vishtha

Keyurvan makara kundalavan kireeti

Hari hiranyamaya vapurdhrit shankha chakrah

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