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Surya Puja Abhishekam

The surya puja abhishek is a strong puja performed to remove the graham dosha. In hindu astrology the sun is the master of all nine planets and puja offered to the master/ lord sun is considered as best puja in the entire world in order to the succession of grah dosha niwaran. The sun is the only form of god which is visible to us every day and hence since from the ancient times people worship the lord sun to get his blessings and favors in life. Lord sun is also known as surya narayan, the lord of wisdom, knowledge, fame and excellence.

Significance of surya sukta puja:

The surya sukta puja abhishek is performed to empower the position of sun in the horoscope. The persons facing the tribulations, adversity and impediment in their lives get tremendous benefits by doing this abhishek. The worship of lord sun is very beneficial in the toughest time when the one is not getting the desired results in their life, no matter how hard working, honest, intelligent were they. The surya sukta abhishek puja turns the luck in your favors and helps in achieving the desired successful and magnificence life.

Importance of surya sukta aabhishek puja: 

The Hindus believed that the sun is the aristocrat of all planets and provides the power and strength. He is believed to be god of grandeur and strength and his puja helps the devotees to earn the spiritual potency and supremacy in their lives. The one could achieve the financial security, the sound health and even the luck also nepotism them. The people also worship lord sun so all the malefic effects due to the wrong position of sun gets neutralizes. The seventh house position creates various marriage related problems while the lower position reduces the efficiency, intelligence, will power, and endurance and perception power. The strong but ill disposed sun creates pride, arrogance and the similar problems as the strong positioning of mars and Saturn have in the horoscope.

Benefits of surya sukta puja abhishek:

The surya sukta puja abhishek helps the devotees to get rid from the problems related to their job prospects. This auspicious puja helps them to achieve the promotions in the job and the tensions regarding the transfer and other job related issues are sorted out by this puja. The puja is strong enough to remove all the problems regarding health and makes you more brawny and authoritative in life. The puja also helps in empowering the spiritual aspect as well as the social aspects of life.

How to perform surya sukta abhisheka:

In surya sukta abhishek the rituals are performed as per prescribed in the rigveda. While doing this ceremony the surya sukta mantra is enchanted at least 12 times. The abhishek is performed under the guidance of trained purohits/ pundits. The recitation of aditya hridaya strotra and beej mantra jap is continuously chanted during the ceremony. In the end of the abhishek the aarti and yagya is performed. Along with the final aahuti the devotee thanks the lord sun and seeks for his blessings. The devotees also donate the food, clothes money as per their wish. They also observe fast on the Sundays and recite the aditya hridaya strotra every day in order to get the better results.

The mantra for surya abhishek puja:

"Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah", 6000 times in 40 days

Price: Rs. 2,500.00

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