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Chandi Pooja


Unleash the transformative power of the revered goddess Chandi through our meticulously conducted Online Chandi Puja. Revered for her ability to bestow blessings of health, wealth, and prosperity, Chandi stands as the embodiment of cosmic energy, guiding devotees towards triumph over adversity. By partaking in this sacred ritual, individuals can align themselves with the divine forces, overcoming obstacles and ushering in a realm of serenity and success. Invoke the goddess’s benevolence and experience a profound sense of empowerment, transcending life’s challenges with ease. Book your Chandi Pooja now and embark on a journey towards spiritual fulfilment and material abundance.

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Chandi Puja

Chandi Pooja, One of the powerful and ferocious goddesses is known as Chandi. She is the primary energy, that is responsible for the construction, nourishment, and devastation of the universe. She is prominent in all energies present in the universe. By offering prayers and doing homa of Maha Chandi the person could get the blessings of maa in the form of everlasting health wealth and prosperity. She removes the obstacles of life and saves from the devil’s eye and curses and even bad energies present in the universe.

The goddess Chandi is the supreme Shakti of all divine forces, which fights with the evils and demons. She has attained various forms to kill Asuras torturing all humans and the celestials or devta and hence become the mother of all living beings. The detailed characterization of maa Chandi and the importance of the puja are traced in the Devi mahatamya.

Importance of Online Chandi Pooja:

The Chandi pooja helps in overcoming all evil in life. It balances the desire and serenity. The power of tolerance and denial is also empowered by the goddess. This homa clears all the possible hindrances coming on your path to success.

This homa helps in raising the energy of the goddess and helps in leading your life.  Her blessings help you in solving the difficult situations of your life with ease. Goddess is the mother of all hence worshipping her makes everything possible to obtain in this materialistic world. Her blessings help in reuniting the selfishness and selflessness and clearly, you will be filled with a divine power and positive energy.

How to perform Online Chandi puja:

This anushthan has to be performed with great spirituality and purity with all the customs and rituals. The major ceremonial insists on the recitation of the Durga satashati. There are almost 700 mantras, which are recited in the praise of maa Durga. Each mantra is associated with the defeat of demons and admiration of maa Durga. With each mantra, the offerings are made in the sacred fire for the invocation of the energy of ma Durga.

In this homa, the girl children are also worshipped as goddess Durga is considered as a kanya between 2 to 10 years. The girls of this age group are called at home during the homa and worshipped. People also offer them clothes and other gifts after the completion of homa.

Benefits of Chandi Pooja Online:

This homa helps in removing the sufferings caused by aggressive elements, burglars, thieves, poison, and wizardry.

The recitation of Durga Saptashati 5 times destroys the ill effects of navgrahas while enchanting the same 7 times helps in eradicating the fears. One who performs the puja 11 times can charm everyone while doing it 16 times helps in getting the Aishwarya {wealth and prosperity}.

When a person performs the puja for 9 days gets the benefits of maha yagya called Vaajpeya yagya.

Mantra of Chandi Puja Online:

Aim hrim klim chamudaye vichhe…

The puja and homa of maa Chandi bestow its devotee with the power and supremacy to accomplish his desires and achieve success in life. To get, this puja done on your behalf Book this Puja now!

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4) We do Live telecast of all puja so you may see your puja at real time on your PC.

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