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Durga devi path

The mother of this universe and the power behind all creations, preservation as well as destruction is none other than maa Durga. She is the supreme power worshipped by all. There are many Hindu epics where the presence and power of maa is described with great glory. Yajur veda, Vajasaneyi samhita are some of those scriptures. The word meaning of maa Durga is one who eliminates all sufferings. The word Durga is taken from Sanskrit where it means a place difficult to overrun. She also known as duragti nashini and protects her devotees from all evil forces residing in this world.

There are many forms of Durga and some of its incarnations are known as Kali, Bhagwati, Ambika, Lalita, Gauri, Katyayani etc. she is considered as the utmost power of all divine beings, who offered her physical attributes and armaments to kill demons like Mahishasur. Her major nine incarnations, which are worshipped by her devotees, are Skanda mata, Kaalratri, brahmacharini, kushmanda, shailputri, mahagauri, katyayani, Chandra ghanta and siddhidatri.

Significance and importance of Durga devi path:

According to the sacred script Rig Veda of Hindus it is believed that the devisukta is a canticle of eight sections in which the glory and power of maa Durga is mentioned. It declares that maa Durga is the power of all gods united together in her. She has a shine of cognizance, her presence is all-pervading and she supports the all creations. It is said that she is the source of righteousness and reveals the truth. This vedic hymn is of great importance among Shaktas and considered to be a source from which entire Chandi sprang. The chandi itself was elaborated in purans and tantras. The chandi is recognized by two names and they are Devimahatamya and Durgasaptashati.

How to perform Durga devi path:

In the navratras of chaitra maas and ashwin maas the puja is offered to maa Durga with the following of strict rituals and purity. One should face towards east and offer all puja samagri in the feet of maa Durga. Give the asana to holy pustak of sapta shati and offer dhup deep flower akshat and puja as usually done in all pujas then do the path of all adhyayas {chapters} or argala strotra, kilak and kawach every day to seek the blessings of maa Durga.

Benefits of Durga devi path:

The Durga devi path is done in navratra which usually comes four times in a year. The vasanteeya navratra {chaitra} and shaardiya navratra {ashwin} has great importance for doing this auspicious path. This helps the devotee to surrender his all actions in front of supreme legacy maa duraga. It helps in achieving satisfaction, pleasure and delight in life. Every character of this path helps us to realize the divinity inside us and fills the life with joy and love. In addition, it helps in diminishing the all negative energies and ill thoughts around us.

Mantras of Durga devi path:

One should perform the puja following the rituals strictly and there are so many mantras in Durga devi path which are to be recited properly. Although the starting of puja is done by the following mantra-

Aum Namo Devye Mahadevye shivaye satatam namaha

Dhyatva Devim Panch Puja Krutva Yonya Pranamya cha

Adharam Sthapya Mulen Sthapayetatra Pustakam

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