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Bhairav Jayanti Puja

Bhairav Jayanti Puja 2024

Bhairav Jayanti Puja 2024

According to the Indian myths the Bhairav Jayanti Puja is being celebrated on the ashtami of Krishna Paksh, i.e. the eighth day of waning Moon, in the month of Margshirsha according to Hindu calendar. On this very auspicious day lord Shiva is appeared in the form of Bhairav. And if the individual will perform this Puja on the same day, then he can keep him away from all kinds of sins and bad karmas. The Bhairav Ashtami is also termed as Kaala Ashtami, and there are also several people who are keeping fast on this very special day. If the individual performs this Puja whole heartedly then he is able to fulfill all his wishes and desires.

Lord Bhairavnath is much known for all tantra and mantra. If you will go with Shiva Puran then you will come to know that Rudra Avatar is another form of lord Shiva. He is also known as the supporter and creator of the universe. So, the people who worship him with faith the lord always blessed him with relief and happiness. If, you are looking for the best way to remove all your sins then it is good to have the prayer of Bhairavnath on the occasion of Kaalashtami.

How to perform Bhairav Jayanti Puja?

The Bhairav Jayanti Puja should be done with very caution, by performing all the rites and rituals of the Puja. Place the idol of lord Bhairav on the puja place. After doing all these things, begin the Puja with lord Ganesha and then start the prayer of Bhairavnath. You can also perform Jaagran, as it is also a part of Puja. Bhairav Katha should be done by following the Bhairav aarti. Dog is the vehicle of lord Bhairavnath, so it is good to feed a black dog to take the beneficial effects.

What are the benefits of Bhairav Jayanti Puja?

If an individual perform this Puja by keeping fast on this very auspicious day, then he or she can keep away from all the sufferings and sins of life. For the effective results it is good to take bath early in the morning in the holy river along with shraadh and tarpan which is being done for the ancestors. By performing this Puja in a ritual way you will be able to keep yourself away from all the sins of life. You can also remove the fear of evil spirits and ghost by performing this Puja. This Puja is very beneficial for bringing dedication and courage in the work of the devotee and also protects him from all kind of diseases.