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Onam 2024

Onam is celebrated on Sunday, 15th September 2024. Onam is the festival which is celebrated yearly with great zest and zeal, thus, it is an honor to the beloved Mahabali King. The State of Kerala receives victory under the rule of Mahabali King. Though Mahabali was a demon (Asura), he performed excellent as King. Therefore, his people never felt shortage of anything under his rule; thus it was a golden era.

Mahabali King was greatly respected for his never-ending devotion to his God and people respect due to his selfless sacrifice for his people of kingdom. Therefore, the festival of Onam is celebrated in the state of Kerala in the remembrance of King Bali. 2024 festival of Onam will remember this story and will be celebrated with same great joy and happiness.


According to Malayalam, in the month of Chingam, onam festival is celebrated. This is the period which is the best time of harvesting for the farmers, so, it is also known as the kerala harvest festival. Onam is the festival celebrated by entire Kerala people, not just only by individual communities. In Kerala, Onam is the most popular event that is conducted every year and state of Kerala promotes this event proudly in the tourism season. Now, have a look to know more about the Onam celebrations:

2024 Onam will be a time to share and celebrate the joy and happiness. Make use of exciting Navgrahmandir’s messages to wish your friends and relatives.

Onam : celebration of ten Days

First day: celebrating Atham

The festival of Onam starts with the Atham Celebration. On this day, Grand Poo Kolam (rangoli made of flower) designs are drawn as a symbol of King Mahabali welcoming. It is highly believed that Mahabali King visit to earth on this auspicious day of Onam from netherworld (patala lok). On the first day, Poo Kolam is drawn which slowly-slowly increases by size till the end of tenth day. On this day, Hasta or Atham Nakshatra prevails.

Second Day: celebrating Chitthira

Natives of Kerala get busy in decorating their house for the celebration of Thiruvonam. Some people paint their home; all the unwanted and old things are thrown out and put all the efforts in decorating their home to look beautiful. On the second day of Onam celebration, Chitthira Nakshatra prevails.

Third Day: celebrating Chodi

Women enjoy the third day of Onam to a great extent since this is the day when women go shopping. During the Onam festival people ensure that they look best from others. Shopping for clothes and gifts starts from the third day of Onam. On the auspicious day of Onam, swati Nakashatra prevails.

Fourth Day: celebrating Visakam

On the fourth day of this festival, festivities and competitions related to Onam starts. Poo kolam competitions are one of the main and the highlights of this day. On this auspicious day of Onam, Visakam Nakashatra prevails.

Fifth Day: celebrating Anizham

On the fifth day of Onam the rehearsal of the famous boat race begins. The boat race of Onam is known as Vallamkali, it is a popular event and it happens annually. It is the main tourist attraction. From all over the world people visit here to see this spectacular event. Anizham Nakshatra prevails on this day.

Sixth Day: celebrating Thriketta

On the sixth day of Onam festival all the family members come together for celebration of Onam. People who reside alone due to their work they take 5 days holidays and come to their home. Social events and family gathering are done on this day. Thriketta Nakshtra prevails during this day.

Seventh Day: celebrating Moolam

Excitement of people gears up on this day because two days are left for the last day. From the seventh day of Onam, many temples organize the grand onam feast; that feast is called as Onasadhya. On this auspicious day, some cultural events such as Kaikotti Kali are performed by women and it is a traditional dance and Puli Kali, is a leopard masked dance. On this auspicious day of Onam, Moolam Nakshatra prevails.

Eighth Day: celebrating Pooradam

Poorada Unnigal and Poorada Uttigal are the main events of eighth day of Onam. On this auspicious day, mud idols of King Mahabali and God Vaman are made, thus it is called Onathappan. Poo Kolam design gets to a new stage of complexity. On the eighth day of Onam, Pooradam Nakshatra prevails.

Ninth Day: celebrating Uthradam

One day before of Thiruvonam, uthradam is celebrated with the great joy and happiness. In every house decorations are done and rangoli of flowers are made that’s called Poo Kolam, the purpose of Poo Kolam is to welcome their Mahabali King. On this day, events and fairs reach on their peak. Therefore, on the eighth day of Onam, Uthradam Nakshatra prevails.

Tenth Day: celebrating Thiruvonam

Thiruvonam is the last day of celebrating Onam. All the events whose preparations are going on from the first day are showcased on this last day of Onam. From all over the world, people come here to see this celebration. In every home, Onasadhya will be arranged. Cultural events like boat races, Kathakali dance, Poo Kolam competition and folk dance, all these events reach the great end. Therefore, with the end of last day of Onam, natives of Kerala say goodbye to their King Mahabali, and on this day, he returns to his netherworld.

Onam most popular events

Vallamkali (Boat Race)

Vallamkali event is the famous event of Onam celebrations. Vallamkali event is not only popular among the locals but also popular or favorite event for foreign crowd too. From long time, event of boat race are exercised but its popularity goes up after Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit. By seeing this amazing event of boat race, Jawaharlal Nehru was impressed and then he started this event in annual competition. From that time it is still followed.

Importance of Vallamkali Boats: vallamkali Boats are specially made for this purpose. These boats have some special features i.e. 100 ft. in length along with a seating facility of about 140-150 people. Curved shape boat just looks like a Cobra. Local fishermen have high sentimental value with this boat. Therefore, lot of dedications and efforts are made in making of these boats. People reside around the Pamba River and in villages spend some month in the preparation of Vallamakali boats to participate in the boat race, thus, it is an occasion one should not miss.

Kai Kottikali and Puli Kali

Puli kali is the popular tiger dance. In this dance, people paint their body and parade on the roads and also dance on the music of drums. It is an eye catching performance. People perform Puli Kali dance skit that means hunt of the tiger. Dance performance of Puli Kali is a great crowd puller. The most popular place is the Swaraj Round, Thrissur, where Kai Kottikali and Puli Kali folk dance is performed.

Feast for a king: Onasadhya

Once a year, this nine meal course is cooked and this meal taste lingers until the second Onasadhya. In Malayalam – ‘Kaanum Vittum Onam Unnanam’ is a popular saying that means the people go to any level of selling anything which in their possession just to take a meal of Onasadya. This meal is served to the people on a banana leaf, according to traditions and on this auspicious day, approximately 60 dishes are made. 20 varieties of payasam are made which is popular among the foreigners.

Thus many events are held on this spectacular festival of Onam, which is celebrated in the state of Kerala. In this festival joy, culture, tradition, true dedication and happiness defines. Every person wishes to attend this amazing and beautiful festival of Onam once in his life.