Jupiter Transit Effect on Capricorn Ascendants

The transit of Jupiter in Cancer is placing the planet in opposite to the Sun of Capricorn natives occupying the seventh house of your horoscope chart. From the period of June 2013 to July 2014, the Capricorn natives will enjoy a good marital life and will experience serious relationship. The Jupiter being in the seventh house which is the house of relationship, the natives of Capricorn zodiac will enjoy good relationship with their better half as well as they will seek benefit from the business partnerships too. Several negotiations as well as contractual partnerships are foreseen during this time of the year.  This is the year for making strong bonds with your partner and solidifying the business relationship.zodiac_capricorn-yellow

You will be able to negotiate the deal more successfully as compared to the other days. If you are somehow involved in any legal matter, there are strong chances that you will win it. Financial benefits are foreseen through the business partnerships.  Most of the Capricorn natives who are already in a business partnership will find more joy and happiness in their partnership due to a tolerant and easygoing attitude. Similarly, in the love or marital relationship too you will be more attached with your partner. The new entrants who are open, warm-hearted, and kind may prosper relationships as well as partnership during this time of the year.

In any case, if you are facing any legal matters or complexities in the relationship in the past, you will get over them during this time of the Jupiter Transit. Even the casual disputes will be resolved too. There is a strong need of freedom in your social relationships. However, if you are not able to find it you will feel uncomfortable and caged at times, which will make you restless.

During this cycle of Jupiter, the Capricorn natives may find themselves in the position of consultant or advisor. However, you could earn benefit from the help of the same. Publicity and limelight is on your way. If your work involves public, get ready for increased popularity or you may receive good reviews, positive feedback, and word-of-mouth publicities.

All these positive circumstances will not necessarily fall into your lap at once. Be prepared and alert to quickly grab the opportunities that are revolving around you. Although Jupiter is considered as the planet of positive energy, it might put an end to existing close relationship. However, no need to be disheartened because if it will, it is for your growth and happier relationship with greater tolerance level.

However, the Capricorn natives who are in relationship and facing problems in the same and looking for new rosier relationship, this might not be the right choice. Sometimes the grass looks greener but it is only for a short while. It is important to have a positive and honest approach towards your relationships as it can create or enhance a relation.

Jupiter rules the twelfth house, due to which you may have to sacrifice a loving element. You are in a good positive to support anyone. However, avoid delegation of your power to others.

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Created: Friday, November 15 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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