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Decoding Choghadiya: Your Vedic Astrological Time Guide

Choghadiya, a Vedic astrological time guide, unveils the secrets of auspicious moments within the 24-hour cycle. Divided into eight equal periods, it delineates day and night, providing insights into propitious times for various activities.

Understanding Choghadiya

Day and Night Division

Choghadiya splits each day and night into 8 equal periods. Daytime Choghadiya (Din ka Choghadiya) spans from sunrise to sunset, while nighttime (Raat ka Choghadiya) stretches from sunset to the next sunrise. Astrologically, these 24 hours consist of 16 time divisions, assigned to seven types of Choghadiya, each repeated three times a day.

Din ka Choghadiya

Assuming a 6:00 AM sunrise, daytime Choghadiya encompasses eight periods lasting 12 hours. Observing Din ka Choghadiya helps discern Shubh (auspicious) and Ashubh (inauspicious) Muhurats during the day.

Today’s Choghadiya – Aaj Ka Choghadiya

Consult the accurate Choghadiya table to identify the most auspicious times for initiating new ventures or embarking on a journey. Choghadiya acts as a forecaster, revealing today’s Shubh Muhurat.

The Essence of Choghadiya

The term “Choghadiya” combines “Chau,” meaning four, and “ghadi,” signifying time duration. Known as “Chaturshtika Muhurat,” it represents the ‘four ghadi’ or 96 minutes. Seven Choghadiyas, categorized as good and bad, hold significance in Vedic astrology.

Important Choghadiyas

Udveg Choghadiya

The first Muhurat ruled by the Sun is considered inauspicious but yields fruitful results for government-related work.

Labh Choghadiya

Ruled by Mercury, Labh is auspicious for commencing commercial or educational endeavors.

Char Choghadiya

Governed by Venus, Char is favorable for travel-related activities.

Rog Choghadiya

Ruled by Mars, this inauspicious time is unsuitable for good work or medical consultations, often associated with conflicts.

Shubh Choghadiya

Under the influence of Jupiter, Shubh Choghadiya is highly auspicious for ceremonies, religious activities, and marriages.

Kaal Choghadiya

An inauspicious period ruled by Saturn, Kaal Choghadiya is considered fruitful for wealth accumulation.

Amrit Choghadiya

Ruled by the Moon, the last Muhurat of Choghadiya is the most auspicious, promising positive outcomes for any activity.


Choghadiya serves as a celestial clock, guiding individuals to navigate life’s important moments in alignment with cosmic energies. Understanding the nuances of each Choghadiya empowers one to make informed decisions and embark on endeavors at the most opportune times.

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