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Kundli Matching Gun Milan Report

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In the intricate mosaic of Hindu weddings, Kundli Matching emerges as a guiding star, ensuring a harmonious marital journey. LivePujaYagya, as the premier astrology site in India, vows to navigate you through this transformative beginning.

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Kundli Matching: Unlocking Matrimonial Harmony in India

In the vibrant tapestry of Hindu weddings in India, Kundali Matching stands as the cornerstone, an age-old practice rooted in Vedic traditions. A pivotal juncture in one’s life, marriage beckons a commitment between partners embarking on a shared journey. At LivePujaYagya, we firmly believe in the significance of Kundli Matching, considering it an essential step to gauge compatibility levels.

The Sacred Union of Marriage

Marriage, a sacred union where two individuals unite to traverse the path of life together, demands careful consideration. Before embarking on this profound journey, exploring all matrimonial possibilities becomes imperative. At LivePujaYagya, our adept astrologers employ various methods of Match Matching or Gun Milan, with Kundali Matching by date of birth emerging as the most accurate.

Unveiling Compatibility Through Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching, performed using date, time, and place of birth, holds a mirror to the compatibility of a couple. In cases where birth details are unknown, Kundali Matching by name and matching by Rashi come to the forefront, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

In-Depth Analysis for Matrimonial Bliss

The marriage Kundli matching services at LivePujaYagya delve into astrology charts, offering a detailed analysis. Janam Kundali Matching involves matching 36 gunas to calculate compatibility, providing insights into how individual stars are destined to influence each other—a process referred to as the Gun Milan report.

Beyond Compatibility: Planetary Movements and Dosha Detection

Our expert astrologers scrutinize planetary movements, forecasting aspects like childbirth, financial stability, and career prospects. Doshas such as Mangal Dosha or Shani Dosha are identified, accompanied by remedial suggestions to mitigate their effects through specific routines.

Auspicious Timings and Harmonious Beginnings

Studying the Kundlis enables us to compile a list of auspicious dates and times for the marriage ceremony. Renowned astrologers advocate Kundali Matching as the initial step for a blissful married life. At LivePujaYagya, we acknowledge the paramount importance of matrimonial harmony, promising guidance through this auspicious beginning.

Seamless Process: From Information to Gun Milan Report

Upon providing essential details of the prospective couple through our online form, including full names, dates of birth, times of birth, and places of birth, our master astrologer crafts the Kundali Matching Report. A seamless process leads you back to your personal profile page to finalize the order with a simple click on the Buy Now Button.


  1. Why is Kundali Matching important? Kundali Matching is crucial to assess compatibility, ensuring a strong foundation for marital bliss.
  2. What methods are used for Kundli Matching at LivePujaYagya? LivePujaYagya employs various methods, including Kundali Matching by date of birth, name, and Rashi.
  3. How does Janam Kundali Matching work? Janam Kundali Matching involves matching 36 gunas to determine compatibility between individuals.
  4. What doshas are detected in astrology charts, and how are they addressed? Doshas like Mangal Dosha or Shani Dosha are identified, with astrologers providing remedial suggestions.
  5. What happens after providing information for Kundali Matching? Once details are submitted through the online form, our master astrologer prepares the Kundali Matching Report, leading you to complete the order on your personal profile page
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