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Who should wear and why should you wear Red Coral—Lal Munga

All about the red Coral

The red coral pearl actually has high amounts of magnesium calcium carbonate in it. They are generally found under the sea, below 500 feet. They are found with shapeless leaf bushes. Their Skelton is made of solid calcium carbonate. The gem is mostly found in vermilion, white or red in colour and is available at various shapes.

Red coral as per the horoscope

In the astrological field, gem stones are considered vital as per the positions of the planets. Mars here depicts anger, courage, extreme sexuality, stubbiness, self confidence and cruelty. Red coral commands over the planet that is the lord of 2 signs like Scorpio and Aries. Mars planet is said be a very explosive planet which emits the colour red. That’s why the burns, injuries and accidents are caused by Mars; even blood loss is done by it.

In terms of relationships, the mars planet signifies younger brothers. The planet commands the land and the physical power of a person. It can also bring success with hard work. Red Coral should be worn to reduce or lower the mars’ bad effects.

The red coral depicts good energy and confidence, and with will power it becomes a deadly combo. A wearer has a good relationship with his siblings and especially with younger brother thanks to it

Mars depicts aggression, power and cruelty and it also portrays energy. It can make you generous and prosperous too. If Mars is unfavourable it can bring failures and instability.

In terms of astrology, the position of Mars gives virtue to the Manglik Dosha. This is said be a very bad dosha as it can affect your love life and can cause break ups or cheats. The dosha is generally caught before a couple’s time of marriage. If both have similar position of mars in the charts then the dosha is removed, amongst various others.

Gems can bring energy field to a human. Our body is commanded by this subtle energy. If bad planets are placed with Mars, or if the Mars is on the 8th, 6th or the 12th house, then you can opt for a Red Coral. But ask your astrologer first.

Effects of the Red Coral

When the Coral is used with a ring or in the state of a rosary, the vibrations from the Mars are felt. The certainly protects the person and helps him to overcome hurdles. If Manglik Dosha is there, one can use Red Coral. It can bring peace in a marriage. Also, if the Mars is on the wrong foot, it can easily create debts. Red Coral can then help.

Those who are working as a surgeon, marketing professional, technical field, electrician, engineer and other etc. should use the Red Coral from Astrologer.

Illnesses cured by Red Coral

Mars can cause diseases like stomach aches, indigestion, small pox, fever, low energy, boils, piles and others. Red Coral can help you with these diseases.

Use it

The red coral should be used with silver or gold and the ring worn on Tuesday after a dip in Gangajal or un-boiled milk with mantras.  Coral is believed as hot gem in general.


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