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Pooja for Child Children


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Pooja for Child Children

The most effective pooja for child and children is the Santaan Gopal Puja and Yagna. Santaan gopal yagna is a miraculous yagna performed to be blessed with a healthy child. The yagna is by those people having a desire for a child in their life. Parenthood is the main objective of the couples after their marriage and asks for being blessed by a healthy progeny from the almighty god.

How to perform Puja for Child Children:

The well-versed pundits starting with the shanty path, sankalpa, ganesha puja, kalasha puja and navgrah puja do the yagya of santaan gopal. After that special puja is offered to the child form of lord Krishna then the chanting of the mantra begins strictly followed by the Vedic texts. Then hawan is performed on behalf of the devotee and purnaahuti is performed. Then aarti is performed and pushpanjali is offered to the lord Krishna.

Pooja for Child Children – Significance & Importance

The birth of a child is an auspicious moment in everyone’s life. The birth of a child brings happiness in the life of a parent. Everyone wants this happiness in their lives but sometimes due to certain obstacles; the desire of the people is not completed. The santan gopal yagna is considered the strongest yagna, which fulfils the desire of the people.

The santaan gopal yagna helps in the removal of any obstacle coming in the birth of a child. It helps in removing the problems regarding pregnancy and gives bliss of healthy progeny.  The childless couples desiring a healthy and intelligent child perform it. While other devotees, perform it for the good health and long life of their children perform the santaan gopal yagna.

Benefits of Child Children Pooja:

The people having a desire for a child in their life perform the santaan gopal yagya. This is a miraculous yagya, which removes all the problems related to the birth of a child. The puja is performed in honour of lord Krishna’s child form known as Gopal. His puja and yagya help in getting his blessings in the form of a healthy and intelligent child. The puja and yagya are so auspicious that they prevent one from the fear of miscarriage and other troubles related to pregnancy. It is all about his grace that people perform the yagya also for the long life of their offspring.


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