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Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja in 2024

Baglamukhi Jayanti: Celebrating the Divine Protector

Baglamukhi Jayanti, observed on 15th May 2024, commemorates the birth of the revered goddess Bagalamukhi, who is hailed as the protector of devotees against harm and evil. This auspicious occasion falls on the Vaisakh Shukla Ashtami, the eighth day of the bright half of the Vaisakh month. Also known as Maa Pitambara, the goddess is symbolized by the colour yellow and is considered an incarnation of divine power, representing one of the Dasa Mahavidyas. According to Hindu mythology, Baglamukhi emerged in response to the challenge posed by Asura Madan to uphold righteousness. She subdued the Asura by grasping his tongue, signifying the paralysis of evil speech.

The Rituals of Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja in 2024

Performing the Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja involves several sacred rituals to invoke the blessings of the goddess. Devotees begin by purifying themselves with an early morning bath and adorning yellow attire, reflecting the goddess’s favoured colour. The puja proceeds with heartfelt prayers offered to Baglamukhi, conducted in a tranquil state of mind. Sitting on a yellow cloth facing east, devotees place the idol of Bagalamukhi before them, engaging in sadhana to connect with the divine presence.

Unlocking the Benefits of Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja

Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja holds immense significance in shielding individuals from adversities and ushering in positivity. When performed diligently, this ritual empowers devotees to overcome life’s challenges and pave the way for success and prosperity.


Baglamukhi Jayanti serves as a profound reminder of the protective embrace of the goddess Bagalamukhi, guiding her devotees towards harmony and resilience. As we celebrate this sacred occasion, let us immerse ourselves in the devotion and blessings bestowed upon us.


1. What is the significance of wearing yellow during Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja?

Yellow symbolizes the favoured colour of the goddess Bagalamukhi and signifies auspiciousness and prosperity.

2. Can Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja be performed by anyone?

Yes, devotees from all walks of life can perform the puja with sincerity and devotion to seek the blessings of the goddess.

3. How often should Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja be conducted?

While the Jayanti is celebrated annually, devotees may choose to perform the puja as per their spiritual practices and beliefs.

4. Are there specific mantras recited during Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja?

Yes, various mantras dedicated to the goddess Bagalamukhi are chanted during the puja to invoke her divine presence and blessings.

5. Can Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja be performed at home?

Yes, devotees can perform the puja within the sanctity of their homes, adhering to the prescribed rituals and practices.