Ketu Transit 2016 – Ketu Gochar 2016 – Ketu in Aquarius –Effects and Predictions

Ketu Transit 2016 – Ketu Gochar 2016 – Ketu in Aquarius –Effects and Predictions

As per Astro expert Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar’s predictions, Ketu transition will be taking place on 31st January 2016. As the direction is reverse, the movement of Ketu will be from Pisces to Aquarius. After 31st January 2016, Ketu will be in the 11th house and will be under direct aspect of Jupiter.

The combination of Jupiter and Rahu will give rise to “Guru Chandal Yog”. Hence, we cannot ignore both positive and negative effects of Jupiter on different ascendants. It is high time to peep into probable effects of Ketu transit 2016 on all zodiac signs via Indian Horoscope Reading.

Probable Effects of Ketu Transit 2016 on Zodiacs

  • Aries: The transition of Ketu in the 11th house may create “Ray Yog” in terms of finance. But at the same time you may become prey to “Guru Chandal Dosh” due to combination of Rahu with Jupiter. Chances are there that your mind may get diverted towards wrong direction hence making you diplomatic.


You may get attracted towards immoral deeds. Though your income graph may increase, you need to be more cautious. As this combination may not be fruitful for your kids, try to be more attentive while taking care of them.

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  • Taurus: As Ketu will be transiting in the 10th house, it may give rise to “Raj Yog” due to which you may get involved in religious activities. You may participate enthusiastically in religious activities.


Also you may get taste of success if you are involved in social and political fields. You need to be a bit careful regarding your activities as malefic Jupiter may return immoral and illegal results.



  • Gemini: The transit of Ketu in your 9th house may bring some auspicious results for you. You may get good results hence fetching an enhancement in your personality. As luck will be in your favour, you may shine through this transit.


Chances exist in finding a smooth path in the journey of life along with increased chances of receiving good news especially for teaching professionals. A favourable time is going t come for people in relation with religious activities.


  • Cancer: The transition of Ketu in the 8th house may be a bit harmful. As a result you need to be careful as such a transit may create disturbance in health. There are chances that you may become prey to stomach ailments along with minor accidents.


Hence it will be better to avoid such situations that may create danger to your life. Try to stay away from violent animals. Control your speech as well!



  • Leo: This time Ketu will be transiting in your seventh house which may create little bit of disturbance in our life. Malefic Jupiter will be creating difference thought with your life partner, lover and business partner leading to hurdles in your life.


In case your seventh house gets already disturbed in the horoscope chart, disturbance may arise in both married and professional life. It is advised to have patience and tolerance in order to keep your relations towards safe side.


  • Virgo: The coming of Ketu in your sixth house may bring positive as well as auspicious changes in your life. Your financial status may raise hence providing relief from old loans. Also, you will be free from stress.


You may get also get success in illegal matters. In case you pass through the major or minor period of Ketu, opposition party will think twice before facing you.



  • Libra: The transition of Ketu in your fifth house may lead to an increase in your will power. Your energy and zeal will be defeating all sorts of difficulties. There are chances that your interest in spiritual activities and religious preaching will get increased.


You may also develop keen interest in social work, religion, occult science and family. Try to be a bit careful about your lovely children!


  • Scorpio: The transit of Ketu in your fourth house may not be much beneficial for you. You may remain disturbed regarding your health issues. You must consult experts at the earliest regarding trivial problems as well.


As health problems may arise among your parents, it will be better to rejuvenate your bonding with them. Also try to be careful in legal matters as well.


  • Sagittarius: The coming of Ketu in the third house will lead to enhancement of physical capabilities. Chances are there to develop tremendous will power due to which you will be completing your tasks with more enthusiasm.


In short, nothing will seem to be impossible during this period. Direct aspect of malefic Jupiter will develop an intention to work forcefully. You must take care of your behaviour and feelings of others.



  • Capricorn: As Ketu will be arriving into the second house, it will be better to take care of your financial situations. It will be better to stay away from taking risks in business as the combination of stars may create great disturbance in financial issues.


Try to make huge investments under expert guidance. High attention is in documentation, legal matters, speech and disputable matters.


  • Aquarius: The inclusion of Ketu in your lagna will be highly effective. Your power along desire to get the desired things will get enhanced. But the combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the seventh house may create problems in your married life.


A fruitful time is ahead for social workers, politicians along with traders dealing with soil and grains.



  • Pisces: This year, Ketu will be coming to the twelfth house of Pisceans. Experts say that such a combination may create some sorts of problems in life which may include unexpected expenditures, disturbance in finance, unnecessary journeys followed by stress.


The Lagna Bhang Yog will be suppressing your physical abilities along with power. In case the horoscope chart gets affected by malefic planet, it will give rise to the tendency of leaving things.

Hence, it is hoped that after going through this article, you have come to know about the forthcoming probabilities in your life due to changes in planetary positions. Try your best to follow the safety instructions and stay well. Wishing you a very blissful and Happy New Year 2016!

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Created: Friday, February 19 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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