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Perform Graha Shanti Puja Online to Reduce Effects of Bad Planets

Performing Graha Shanti Puja Online to Reduce Effects of Bad Planets

In today’s high-tech age, believing in astrology and celestial bodies sometimes seems just like a fool’s act. If you closely observe, you can see that sometimes our hard work, patience, and dedication do not pay us. We keep trying but we end up with veins. Have you ever thought about why it is happening? It is all about the consequences of planets and their transits, and we can reap the best benefits of planetary transits by performing graha shanti Puja. if you have time and space constraints, you can book graha shanti Puja online these days. 


Live Puja Yagya, one of the best online puja portals in India offering the best online experiences to devotees across the globe for years.  When you believe in time and energy, you cannot ignore the power of planets. So it goes without saying that Graha Shanti Puja is an effective way to reduce harmful effects in your personal and professional life and live in peace.


What is Graha Shanti Puja? 


Graha Shanti puja is suggested to be performed by individuals to get rid of the malefic effects of bad planets. The puja puts an end to all the obstacles that hinder you from accomplishing your goals on the personal or professional level. Whether you are suffering from health issues frequently, facing problems in your career, your promotion is getting stuck time and again, the number of enemies is growing, suffering from financial and mental turmoil, and losing hope; you should perform a Graha shanti puja at your home or remotely (online). 


Which Planet Is Worshiped For Graha Shanti Puja? 


There are nine planets in Vedic Astrology including the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. if one or more than one planet is creating problems in your life, astrologers generally advise you to perform Graha Shanti puja. Graha Shanti puja helps to reduce the malefic effects of planets and remove the dosha from the Kundali. Let us have a look at the planetary positions that seek you to perform the Graha Shanti Puja.


  • When the Sun or Moon is placed with the Rahu or Ketu in a horoscope, it creates Grahan Yoga. Such placement requires Graha Shanti Puja.


  • When there is Kaal Sarpa yoga in the horoscope, Graga shanti puja is required to evade the malefic effects.


  • When Mars is placed in the 1st/4th/7th/8th/12th house in a horoscope, Mangal Graha Shanti puja is performed.


  • If there is Guru Chandal Yoga (Jupiter is with Rahu/Ketu) in the birth chart, Graha shanti puja is advised.

Besides, if there is a Shrapit dosha, Kemadruma dosha, Pitru dosha, Shani dosha, Nadi dosha, Gandhamool dosha, or Vish Dosha in a birth chart, Graha Dosha is formed. 


Live Puja Yagya – Trusted Online Graha Shanti Puja Platform


So, if you have any of the graha doshas in your chart and your astrologer has advised you to perform a specific graha shanti puja, contact Live Puja Yagya at your earliest. Live Puja Yagya is one of the best online puja platforms to perform your Graha Shanti puja online. You are guaranteed to have the best puja experience remotely performed by registered and experienced pandit jis online.