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Lord Vishnu Pooja Helps Get Rid of Sins & Invoke Blessings

Lord Vishnu Pooja Helps Get Rid of Sins and Invoke Blessings

In Sanatan Hindu Dharma, Lord Vishnu is one of the Tridevs – Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara. He is the supreme god of protection, preservation, and emancipation (Moksha). He is the preserver of the Universe and restorer of Dharma. Anyone can perform Vishnu puja if he/she wishes. You can arrange the puja at home or go for Lord Vishnu pooja online. Just do the puja with devotion and wholeheartedly to achieve the best result.


Higher Importance of Lord Vishnu Puja 


It said that whoever performs the Lord Vishnu puja he/she gets rid of all sorts of sins of past and present lives and sins from ancestors. For people who are suffering a lot due to health issues, financial crises, conflict among family members, unwanted enmity in personal and professional life, and suffering from losses/miseries are advised to perform Lord Vishnu puja at home, or temple. Even, these days, one can perform Vishnu puja remotely through online puja platforms to invoke blessings and benefits. One who performs this puja with Bhakti and Sraddha gets empowered by the blessing of Lord Vishnu and gains the strength to win over all kinds of evil and negativity in life.


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When One Can Perform Lord Vishnu Puja?


According to Hindu Scriptures and Puranas, performing Lord Vishnu puja on the occasion of Ekadashi, Purnima (Full Moon), and on Thursday is beneficial. It is said that whoever performs the puja on Ekadashi gets emancipation from his/her sins. The Ekadashi can be on Shukla or Krishna Paksha. Performing Lord Vishnu puja on Ekadashis brings happiness, and prosperity and opens up the path to spirituality to the devotees. The puja helps to attain a win over all kinds of negativity, pain, and sorrow and lets positivity enter into life.


Astrological Significance Performing Lord Vishnu Puja


Lord Vishnu is the governor of the planet Jupiter. Following Vedic Astrology, natives who suffer due to bad or malefic Jupiter are advised to keep fast on Thursday and worship Lord Vishnu on this very day. Even, performing puja of Lord Vishnu on Ekadashis and Purnimas helps to improve the significance of Jupiter in life and reduce the malefic effects that are imposed on lives due to inflicted or weak Jupiter in the birth chart.


Sometimes, astrologers advise performing Lord Vishnu puja according to the Janam Nakshatra and Moon Rashi or Lagna/Ascendant as well to reduce malefic from lives due to debilitated or afflicted Jupiter. Even if Jupiter falls on the cusp of malefic like Rahu or Ketu, performing Lord Vishnu Puja is considered very auspicious.


Why Should Everyone Perform Lord Vishnu Puja?


Lord Vishnu is a preserver and a protector. So, performing the puja occasionally or frequently offers peace of mind and provides spiritual and emotional happiness and physical well-being. The puja purifies the mind and soul and gets devotees rid of inner conflicts and mental confusion.


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