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Book Lord Vishnu Puja Online

Book Lord Vishnu Puja Online

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is renowned for his 10 Avataras. The Universe has already witnessed the power, glair, and form of 9 Avatars of Lord Vishnu in different eras to accomplish different purposes related to Dharma. And, the 10th Avatar of Vishnu is yet to come as Kalki, the destroyer of evil. He will re-establish the balance in the universe with peace, sanity, and Dharma conquering evil and Adharma. To establish peace and purity in our lives, we perform Vishnu puja at homes and temples. You can also book lord Vishnu Puja online at Live Puja Yagya. Our qualified and experienced pujaris will perform the live Lord Vishnu pooja online to accomplish your Sankalp.

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Performing Lord Vishnu Puja can Confer you with the Following Benefits:

According to Vedic Astrology, people who are suffering due to weak Jupiter, Mercury, and Sun are advised to worship Lord Vishnu to get rid of malefic.  However, Lord Vishnu is worshipped on different and special occasions in Hindu families. He is the god of the protection, preservation, and restoration of Dharma. So, if you are thinking of performing lord Vishnu puja online, you will be endowed with the following benefits.

  • Sound health, peace of mind, and clarity in the thought process
  • Success and prosperity in personal and professional life
  • Protection from negative energy and evil eyes
  • Attaining self-esteem, and getting rid of Pitru Dosha
  • Relief from pain, suffering, and failures 

So, book your lord Vishnu pooja online now at Live Puja Yagya and encounter positive life changes. 


Book the Expert Pandits for Lord Vishnu Puja from Live Puja Yagya

Choose Live Puja Yagya to perform Lord Vishnu Puja online to experience the maximum benefits. All our pandit jis available for online live puja at the Live Puja Yagya platform are well-versed in Vedic scriptures and have rich knowledge and expertise in performing Hindu puja and ceremonies. Our pandit ji takes care of each of the puja vidhi following the Vedic rituals and scriptures to perform a puja that incurs spiritual, material, and mental benefits. Once you book the Lord Vishnu pooja online at Live Puja Yagya, you will get a call from our Pandit ji and discuss it in detail. Everything will be taken care of to ensure puja satisfaction.


People Also Ask


❓What is the perfect time to Perform Vishnu Puja?

You can book Lord Vishnu Pooja online on any auspicious day. However, it is good to do the puja on Thursday, Purnima, and Ekadashi if you have special preferences with auspicious timings. Also, you can perform the puja on any special occasion of yours like a birthday, homecoming, Griha Pravesh, anniversary, and before the beginning of your business or any new work.

❓Which Planets are Pacified in Performing Vishnu Puja?

Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the Universe. Hence, if anyone plans to perform Lord Vishnu Puja online, can pacify most of the malefic planets and their results through horoscope astrology. But, if you want to know the special planets who are pacified if you worship lord Vishnu, they are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Sun as well.

❓How Can I Attend the Vishnu Puja once I Book at Live Puja Yagya?

You can attend the Lord Vishnu Puja online via live puja streaming. And, if you wish to present at the puja physically then let us know in advance. You can certainly attend the puja at the temple where we will arrange it. And, if you have any special preference for the puja place, please let us know.

❓How Long Does The Puja Take to Get Completed?

The Lord Vishnu Pooja online takes a couple of hours; roughly 2 to 3 hours to get completed. But, if you want to add special yagya, Homams, jaap, and mantra chanting according to your Mannat, it can take extra time so far. Talk to our pandit ji before you arrange a puja in the name of Lord Vishnu at Live Puja Yagya.

❓Do You People Perform Vishnu Sahasranam with Lord Vishnu Puja Online?

If you want our pandit ji to perform the Vishnu Sahasranam during Lord Vishnu Pooja online, you need to talk to the pandit ji in advance. The cost of Vishnu puja online and Vishnu puja with sahasranam are different. We can perform all types of Lord Vishnu puja for our clients. Just notify us beforehand what kind of puja you want from Live Puja Yagya.