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ashta laxmi pooja

What is Ashta Laxmi Pooja? Discover the Puja Benefits

Ashta Laxmi pooja is performed to ensure the never-ending flow of money, wealth, and success in personal and professional life. Akin to Ashta Laxmi puja at home and business places, devotees conduct Ashta Laxmi pooja online to appease Mata Ashta Laxmi and ensure prosperity and success in their work and business. In Vedic Astrology, Ashta Laxmi Mata puja is advised to appease the planet Venus. Planet Venus is the karaka of money, food, luxury, wife, love, happiness, and finance. Thus, anyone who struggles to achieve goals and success in business and personal life should perform Ashta Laxmi puja on auspicious occasions. 

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Ashta Laxmi Pooja – Appeasing Eight Icons of Mata

Ashta Laxmi defines the eight manifestations of mata Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped among Hindus for various reasons and various purposes. Let us have a look at the eight iconography of Mata Laxmi and what a devotee receives in worshipping eight different avatars of Mata Laxmi in a brief.

  1. Adi Laxmi: She is worshipped to secure endless prosperity and she blesses her devotees with a steady flow of money and wealth.  
  2. Vijay Laxmi: She is worshipped to achieve victory, courage and self-esteem. Mata bestows her devotees with fame, name, glory, and immense respect in society. 
  3. Dhairya Laxmi: Mata Dhairya Laxmi manifests patience, perseverance, confidence and courage. So, devotees achieve the same qualities in worshipping Dhairya Laxmi and secure progress in business or jobs. 
  4. Dhanya Laxmi: She is the deity of food, grain, health, nourishment, and resources. So, worshipping her ensures no shortage of resources and wealth at home. 
  5. Vidya Laxmi: She is the goddess of education and knowledge. It is not about a degree or diploma in paper and pen, but the real wisdom that helps increase conscience and consciousness. 
  6. Santan Laxmi: She is the goddess of progeny, legacy, family, and friends. Worshipping her, a devotee achieves the knowledge to maintain harmony in all relationships. Childless couples worship this form of devi to become parents. 
  7. Gaja Laxmi: She is the goddess of elephants and vehicles. People who desire to buy a car or are in the car business are advised to worship Gaja Laxmi to accomplish their heartfelt desires. 
  8. Dhan Laxmi: She is the deity of money and richness. She removes all financial hardship and bestows her devotees with financial luck, wealth, and all sorts of materialistic happiness. 


Benefits of Performing Ashta Laxmi Pooja

Once you want to achieve success and prosperity in your life, performing Ashta Laxmi puja is the best ritual to undergo. The puja endows devotees with countless benefits and these are

  • Mental and spiritual growth with happiness and contentment. 
  • Marital bliss and happiness from a child.
  • Beneficial to have the boon to conceive for childless parents.
  • Happiness and satisfaction in family, business, professional journey, and accumulation of wealth.  
  • Abundance of resources including food, money, grain, and nourishment. 

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