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In Hindu religion, Mata Laxmi, the beloved consort of Lord Vishnu is the epitome of wealth, prosperity, and success. We all pray to Maa Laxmi almost every day to bless us with affluence, opulence, and prosperity. Now, you can perform Vedic rituals rich and precisely traditional Mahalaxmi puja online to ensure your success and prosperity at ease. At Live Puja Yagya, we have a team of astrologers and verified purohits to take care of online puja needs for our clients. No matter where you are and when you want to arrange the Mahalaxmi puja online for Icchapurti and to improve the Venician quality in your life, contact Live Puja Yagya at your convenience. 

We perform every kind of Laxmi pooja online for our clients across India

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Benefits of Laxmi Puja

It is said, where there is Dharma, Mata Laxmi resides in that place. So, if you want to establish Dharma in your life with affluence, prosperity, and a chain of success, worshiping Mata Laxmi is beyond beneficial. Mata Laxmi is not only the deity of wealth and property but also she manifests establishing justice and peace in life. So, if you are thinking of performing Mahalakshmi puja online, you will obtain an array of benefits including 

  • Getting rid of poverty 
  • Experiencing upliftment in social and financial status
  • Engaging a positive flow of money and prosperity in business and personal life 
  • Getting more goal-oriented
  • Increasing power of knowledge, intelligence, and beauty
  • Sustaining success and peace in life 

So, reach out to Live Puja Yagya today and book your Mahalakshmi puja online to ensure happiness and success in life. 

When to Perform Mahalaxmi Puja?

Anyone can perform Laxmi puja on every full moon and new moon throughout the year. Once you desire to incur maximum benefits in worshipping Mahalaxmi puja online, you should choose the Diwali Tithi without a second thought. Live Puja Yagya is always here to cater to your Laxmi pooja online needs with the best pandit ji or astrologer according to your wish, budget, and tithi. 

Book the Best Astrologers for Laxmi Pooja from Live Puja Yagya

In Vedic Astrology, Mata Laxmi is considered the deity of Venus. So, if anyone suffers due to the ill-placement of Venus or the debilitation of Venus in his birth chart, worshiping Mata Laxmi improves the Venus-related qualities in the birth chart. In this junction, Live Puja Yagya has come forward with Laxmi Pooja online service 365 days a year.  We have distinguished astrologers and pujaris to perform puja in the name of our clients. Your chosen astrologer will perform the Mahalaxmi puja online for you. You can take part in the puja virtually with live streaming. However, if you wish to take part in the puja physically, you can do it as well. 


People Also Ask


❓I have Malefic Venus in my Birth Chart. Can I Perform Mahalaxmi Puja Online?

It will be better to consult with one of our respected astrologers before you book a Mahalaxmi pula online. An astrologer can better help you analyze your birth chart and guide you as well. If there is any specific Bidhi or Tithi to follow, an astrologer can guide as well.

❓What to Offer to Maa Laxmi to Conduct Laxmi Pooja Online?

Contact Live Puja Online to know the entire Laxmi Pooja online rules and processes. We have a team of astrologers and pujaris. They will guide you with proper information and knowledge about what you need to offer to Mata Laxmi during the puja. But, as our astrologers and Pandit Ji perform the puja on your behalf, they will inform you of the same before the puja commencement.

❓Is there any specific Tithi to Perform Laxmi Puja?

All the Hindu families perform Laxmi Puja on Friday. Additionally, in some places, the puja is conducted on Thursday. However, the special muhurat to perform Maa Laxmi puja is Diwali or Deepavali (Kartik Amavasya). You can book your slot for Laxmi pooja online at Live Puja Yagya to avoid hustle.

❓Can Choose a Pandit or an Astrologer to Perform the Online Laxmi Puja?

Yes, you are free to choose an astrologer or pujari to perform the Mahalaxmi puja online at Live Puja Yagya. We will arrange the same for you. You can take part in the puja via live telecast of the puja. Even, if you can then you can participate in the puja by visiting the puja place in person.

❓Can I Have the Photographs of the Ceremony and How?

Of course, you will get all the photographs of the ceremony within five to seven working days. We send you the photos by email. If you want printed photographs with the reels, you can contact us directly. We have a team who will listen to you and assist you accordingly.