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Puja for Lakshmi


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Puja for Lakshmi

Lakshmi is reputed to be the goddess of fortune as per the Indian mythology. She favoured her worshippers with fortune, thriving, fortune and gave them help with all budgetary issues. She is otherwise called Shree as having six propitious and heavenly values. She is the life partner of ruler Vishnu and even a wellspring of quality to him. She joins the master Vishnu in the greater part of his incarnations on earth in the manifestation of Sita, Rukmini or Radha.

Significance of Puja for Lakshmi:

Lakshmi puja is performed daily in Indian homes and offices to get the blessings of her and relief from financial problems. It is accepted that maa Lakshmi goes in just those houses, that are clean, and individuals are hard working. As per Hindu mythology on the day Amavasya of Kartik month, the worshippers offer their petitions to God for getting the commandments of maa Lakshmi. This is otherwise called the celebration of Diwali. Individuals enrich their houses with the oil lights and perform Lakshmi puja to be presented by maa Lakshmi endowments.

Procedure of Puja for Lakshmi:

Clean the place of puja and spread a red cloth on the chowki. Place a kalash filled with water. Put the all pujan samagri in a thali and place the idol and shree yantra of maa Lakshmi in puja. Keep the coins and other valuables of yours in puja. Now take some water and purify all puja items. Light the lamp. Do puja with haldi, kumkum and flowers reciting the mantras to invoke Maa Lakshmi. Offer the garlands and Prasad, fruits, sweets and panchamrit to maa Lakshmi and last perform aarti and meditate on maa Lakshmi. Take Prasad and again put your valuables in the safe or lockers. Some people in business used to worship the account books on this day. This puja brings in the shower of blessings by maa Lakshmi in the form of wealth.

Importance of Puja for Lakshmi:

The basic requirement of puja is cleanliness. People clean their houses and invite Maa Lakshmi to their houses. In some places, the broom is also worshipped on the day of Diwali or Lakshmi pujan. The puja is incomplete without paying customary tributes to lord ganesha, lord kubera and Maa Saraswati. Lord Ganesha is the foremost god and takes away all hurdles coming through the way while lord kuber is the treasurer of god and the god of wealth. People used to do puja of their lockers and safes on this day as it symbolically represents Lakshmi and kuber.


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