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Akshay Tritiya Puja

Do’s and Don’ts to Follow & Perform on Akshay Tritiya Puja

We are well aware of the ritual Akshay Tritiya and why it is performed. Every year, Akshay Tritiya puja falls on the 3rd lunar day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishak. In 2025, the day will be celebrated on 30th April, Wednesday. The day is also celebrated as Parashurama Jayanti and Akha Teej. You have read many blogs and articles on how to process the puja and which deities are worshipped on this day. However, today we will discuss what auspicious things you should do and what inauspicious things you should not do on Akshay Tritiay. 

So, let us not waste any time anymore, but delve into the important discussion. 


What You Should & Should Not On Akshay Tritiya Puja Day? 

Whether you are performing the puja online or at your home, you should maintain a few things to retain the auspiciousness of this holy day. 


Things We Should Do on Akshay Tritiya Puja, 

  • Take Part in Puja: If you are physically fit and mentally stable, you must participate in the puja. You can involve yourself in meditation, yog, mantra chanting, or some spiritual activities to attain calm and peace. 
  • Deity Worshipping: Arranging puja of Lord Ganesha, Mata Laxmi, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Kuber is considered a highly auspicious activity on this day. If you cannot arrange puja at home, you can book Akshay Tritiay puja online to complete your Sankalp. 
  • Must-Do Rituals: Clean your home first and take a bath early in the morning. Wear clean clothes to participate in puja or attend prayer at home or temple. Observe fast, and chant the Mantra of Vishnu and Mata Laxmi to invoke their blessings in your life. The mantra you can pronounce comfortably will serve your purpose. 
  • Buy Gold: If you can afford to buy gold on this day, it is considered very auspicious. Gold never decays and we perform Akshay Tritiya pooja to protect our health, wealth, and prosperity from decay. Thus, it is advised to buy gold on this day. If you cannot buy gold, do not worry. You can buy silver or any metal that has resell value. 
  • Make Donations: Donate according to your capacity and wish. You can donate food, water, clothes, sweets, money, and other necessary things to needy and poor people on this auspicious day. 
  • Plant Trees: Yes, you heard it just right. You should plant a tree on this day. Tree manifests unlimited sources of Oxygen. It purifies the air and provides us with a better world to live in. 

If you have no sapling to plant, do one thing. Bow seeds; it is also considered auspicious. 


Things We Should Not Do on Akshay Tritiya Puja, 

  • Don’t consume non-veg on this day; especially if you are participating in the Puja. 
  • Don’t abuse anyone or people working under you. 
  • Don’t consume alcohol or engage in doing sensual things on this day. 
  • Don’t spend on unnecessary things on this day. Buy only the necessary things for living and save your money.  

Hope, you liked reading this blog. Follow the things to attain blessings from god and goddess on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya puja. Share the tips with your friends and family as well.