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Lord Bhairav Puja ritual with offerings - coconut, flowers, vermillion, and mustard oil.

Bhairav Puja: Remove Sins and Evil for Blessings

Do the Bhairav Puja to Remove Sins and Eradicate Evil

Pujan, an essential practice in Hinduism, encompasses various rituals to invoke blessings from different deities. Among these, the Bhairav Puja holds profound significance. Rooted in Hindu mythology, Lord Bhairav emerges as an avatar of Lord Shiva, revered for his formidable powers. As per the Shiva MahaPurana, Lord Bhairav, also known as the Rudra Avatar, holds pivotal importance in the existence and sustenance of life on earth. Devotees who venerate Lord Bhairav receive blessings, particularly on KaalaAshtami day.

Significance of Lord Bhairav Pujan

In Hindu scriptures, Lord Bhairav is associated with Rahu, a malefic planet. Worshiping Lord Bhairav mitigates the adverse effects of this planetary influence. Given Lord Shiva’s prominence in Hinduism, honouring all his avatars, including Lord Bhairav, becomes imperative.

Timing for Lord Bhairav Pooja

Devotees are advised to perform Lord Bhairav Pujan daily to appease and receive blessings from this revered avatar of Lord Shiva.

Performing Lord Bhairav Puja Online

In the digital age, conducting the Lord Bhairav Puja online has become accessible. Pandits and priests and many platforms like offer these services to devoted individuals. This virtual puja mirrors traditional rituals, preserving its sanctity and efficacy. Numerous reputable websites host experienced pandits proficient in performing this sacred ritual.

Lord Bhairav Puja Process

The puja involves offering coconut, flowers, vermillion (sindoor), til, and mustard oil, etc., followed by prayers and chanting of mantras.

Rituals and Puja Vidhi for Lord Bhairav Mantra Jap

Chanting the Bhairon Chalisa mantra during the puja holds significance. Post-puja, adhering to rituals, devotees feed a black dog on Saturdays, symbolizing care and reverence.

Importance of Lord Bhairav Puja

This puja serves to absolve individuals of their sins, cleanse negative energies, and dispel malevolent influences, emphasizing its profound importance.

Mantra for Lord Bhairav Puja

During the puja, chanting the mantra “Om batuk bhairavaya namah” is advised.

Benefits and Effects of Lord Bhairav Puja

Worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Bhairav enables devotees to rid their lives of malevolence, and evil influences, and cleanse themselves of sins.


The Bhairav Puja stands as a transformative ritual, offering devotees a path to cleanse their spirits, eliminate negativity, and seek blessings from Lord Shiva in his powerful avatar.


Q: How frequently should one perform the Bhairav Puja?
A: It’s advisable to perform the puja daily to receive continual blessings from Lord Bhairav.
Q: Can the Bhairav Puja be conducted online?
A: Yes, many platforms like offer online services conducted by experienced pandits.
Q: What is the significance of feeding a black dog post-puja?
A: Feeding a black dog symbolizes reverence and care, adhering to traditional rituals.
Q: Does the Bhairav Puja absolve one of their sins?
A: Yes, the puja serves to cleanse individuals of sins and negate negative influences.
Q: How does the Bhairav Puja benefit devotees?
A: The puja aids in dispelling evil, removing malevolent influences, and seeking blessings from Lord Shiva.

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