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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated because of the birth of Lord Hanuman. This festival occurs in the month of chaitra pournimaa as per Hindus calendar and on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha. It is said that Lord Hanuman had 108 names out of which some of common name are pavan putra, Bajran Bali, Maruti, Anjaneya, sankatmochan, Jai Kapeesh, Manojavaya, Ramadhuta, Mahatejas, Kumarabrahmacharin many of other name of hanuman is the symbol of power and strength and a devotee. It is said that Anjana(mother of lord hanuman) and Kesari(father of hanuman)performed a intense prayers to Lord Shiva to get a child and that’s how hanuman birth take place . some of the text also that hanuman was the other avatar of shiva.Hanuman was looked like vanaras which mean the one who had a body like human but his face looks like monkey.

As per Hindu Myths there are few stories related to lord Hanuman. One of them is during their childhood hanuman thought sun as a mango and try to eat it. Well other God try to stop them but hanuman was little naughty child so lord Indra was irritate with this that they attack on hanuman with his armor. Hanuman was badly hit by that weapon but however lord Pawan save there life and that’s how they got a name Pawan Putra. Also it is strongly believed by Hindus that if you find yourself surrounding by bad spirituals, Ghost, Bad supernatural power which try to harm you. Then you need to read 40-verse prayer known as Hanuman Chalisa. Well there are some other Myths about Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman lived his whole life as a devotee of Lord Ram. During the Time of war between Ram and Ravan, Hanuman played a very important part by saving the life Lakshman. After the victory of Ram over Ravan, Ram came back to Ayodhya were Ram decided to rewards to all his well-wisher. During this time Ram and sita give them a necklace. While watching that necklace hanuman started destroying every stone of that neck less. While this incident happens Ram asked about the reason for this. Hanuman answered that that stone doesn’t have ram and sita in it. When other people asked that does ram and sita is there in their heart? So Hanuman tears his chest and everyone was shocked and stunned to see Ram and sita in it. That is all about Lord Hanuman.

When is Hanuman Jayanti

This auspicious day will come on 23rd April in 2024 this year. In 2025, it will celebrate on 12th April Saturday. In 2026, it will come on 02nd April Thursday. 20th April Tuesday 2027 will observe as Hanuman Jayanti.

Process of Hanuman Jayanti Puja

This puja perform with manymantras. First take bath then call Hanuman ji with mantra reading. Then offer seat to Hanuman ji. Sprinkle some water with floweres’ petals on Hanuman idol then offer flowers. Light up the stick (puja sticks). Light up the diya or lamp. Then offer fruits and sweets to Lord Hanuman. In last do aarti with lighting Karpour (camphor).

Mantra for Puja

Manojavam Maruttulyavegm

Jitendrium Buddhimatam Varishtham

Vatatmajam Vanarayuthmukhyam

Shri Ramdutam Sharanam Prapdye.”

Benefits of Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman is a supreme protector and save his devotees from all evil things. By this puja Lord Hanuman please and blesses their devotees with wealth and protected life.