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The History Behind Purushottam Maas and the Puja procedure

Purushottam Maas:- The Hindu religion is a vast and diverse religion that incorporates too many facts and figures in it, regarding mythology, astrology and their impact on the lives of the Hindus. There are two parallel systems of calendar counting in Hinduism and the Rashi or the Kundli of a person depends upon that. These two calendar systems are the solar calendar and the lunar calendar.

What is the Adhik Maas or Purushottam Maas?

The Adhik Maas is a bridge between the gaps of the solar calendar and the lunar calendar. Whereas the lunar calendar is made up of 354 days, the solar calendar is made up of 365 days. So there is a difference of 11 days between the two and after 3 years, this becomes almost a month. This extra time is added as the Adhik Maas to the lunar calendar after every three years. However, this month is also known as the Purushottam Maas as there are quite some legendary stories and a Purushottam Maas history behind it.

The history behind the nomenclature of Purushottam Maas:

When the 13th month was destined to be incorporated within the old lunar calendar of the other 12 months; all these 12 months, Gods, demigods, sages and human beings, refused to consider it legitimate. Not only this, but they also dubbed it after the name of the abominable stool by calling it the ‘Mal Maas’. As this chaos increased, nobody agreed to observe any special occasion or ‘Muhurat’ in this month. And this made the Adhik Maas extremely hurt.

When this female month fell on the feet of Lord Vishnu and wept her heart out to explain her woes, she fainted in agony. Lord Vishnu sent her to Lord Krishna, who consoled Adhik Maas telling her that He assigns His name to this month. And from then onwards, till eternity, every sage, saint, demigod, devotee and pious human, even the devils will worship her as the most glorious of all the months. Thus, she was given the name of Purushottam and made sure that whoever showed pure devotion in worshipping in this month will get to reside in the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and any blasphemy will lead to direct punishment.

How do worship in the Adhik Month or Purushottam Maas?

There is a strict and thorough procedure for worshipping in this month. The Purushottam Maas puja depends on a strict fasting procedure. Throughout the month, the devotees will have to follow a fast during the daytime and break the fast with Sattvik food or pure vegetarian food like milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables etc. They must wake up early in the morning between 4 am to 6 am which is considered as the Brahma Muhurta. Once they wake up, they must perform the ablution and take a bath. Post bathing, the worship in the Shodashopachar is a must, by putting the idols or the images of Lakshmi and Narayan. Reading the Bhagavad Geeta and performing selfless acts of giving this month will certainly bring positive results.

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