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Teej 2024: Dates, Rituals, and Celebrations | Everything You Need to Know

Teej 2024

The beautiful and eagerly awaited festival of Teej is observed four times in a year. In this article you will find the important dates of this grand celebration in 2024 year which is known by various names such as Hartalika Teej, Akha Teej or Kajri Teej etc. You will get all the relevant information here.

Teej 2024: What is?

Marriage is considered a pure relationship in India and people give importance to this bond. In India, many festivals and pujas are celebrated to give honour to this nuptial knot or bond. Teej festival is one of them. So, you have to know about the Teej, what is Teej?

Teej is popular with other names also such as Baya, Tay and so on. In India, four types of Teej are celebrated widely in a year. Before concentrating on the rituals, first know the dates and times of these four Teej in the 2024 year according to the Hindu calendar.

Auspicious Teej Dates in 2024

Teej Date Day Auspicious Time- Murahat Preceding Phase
Akha Teej 2024 / Akshaya Tritiya 2024
May 10th Friday 05:51 to 12:24 Amavasya
Hariyali Teej 2024
August 07th Wednesday 19:52 to 22:05 Amavasya
Kajari Teej 2024
August 22nd Thursday 17: 06 to 13:46 Purnima
Hartalika Teej 2024
September 06th Friday 06:12 to 08:41 Amavasya

Above given table is mentioning common names of all 4 Teej festivals to be celebrated in the 2024 year. We are optimistic that the Teej 2024 dates and time will help you to perform the festival of Teej thoroughly.

Now, let’s take a deep look at the different kinds of Teej.

Teej 2024: Different Kinds of Teej

Below are the various kinds of Teej festivals that are celebrated all over India and around the globe:

  1. Akha Teej 2024: Auspicious Time

The other name of Akha Teej is ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ and it is observed on the third day of the specific period which is ‘Shukla Paksha’ during the ‘Vaisakha’ maas– the Hindu month. It is believed by everyone that any auspicious and holy task can be performed on the day of Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej which brings positive outcomes.

Devotees especially married ladies observe the fast or vrat on the auspicious day of Akha Teej. If Akha Teej day comes on Monday then the Vrat is considered to be sacred and positive for the ladies or devotees.

Akha Teej day is also called as ‘Nabanna Parvam’, the meaning of this is new- grain festival. It is supposed that the Sun and Moon are on their full bright phase on this day of Akha Teej. Akshya tritiya is also prosperous for the people who deal in business in Indian community. This Akha teej day is considered as a Shubh Day to begin any new venture in business. People donates various things and food items on this auspicious day such as rice grains, sugar, salt, fruits, tamarind, vegetable and clothes. Donate these items in 2024 and get the blessings.

  1. Hariyali Teej 2024: Greenery all around

Hariyali teej festival is celebrated on the thirds day of the ‘Shukla Paksha’ in ‘Shravana’ maas as per the Hindu calendar. Hariyali Teej day has a special place in the life of a married lady. On this pious day, women observe the fast and pray for the long and successful life of her husband. Generally, Hariyali Teej is popular in the North region of India and women celebrate this festival together with grand celebration. Women spend their Hariyali Teej day in singing and dancing. The swing is also hung on trees for them and they sit on it and swing with happiness. Ladies and girls apply beautiful mehndi designs on their hands, it comes in tradition. Delicious foods also prepared for the puja and celebration.

Some problems come in the married life due to bad deeds like Betraying the husband, misbehaviour and lies, backbiting in front of others. During the Hariyali Teej puja rituals, woman take oath that she will not get involved in any these deeds. So, she could experience a smooth marital life in upcoming time.

Greenery is the meaning of Hariyali, this name is given to this teej as the earth become green in Shravan maas after the hot summer.

Now let’s talk about the Kajri Teej.

  1. Kajri Teej 2024: auspicious day when music comes in life

The auspicious day of Kajri teej comes on the third day Krishan Paksha in the Bhadrapad maas as per the Hindu calendar. The meaning of Kajri is ‘the song of separation’. It comes in the rainy season, people enjoy during this time boating and sing the kajri songs. Swings also enjoy by the ladies. Many different types of foods are prepared for celebration at homes. Kajari Teej also known as the Teeja name in rural area. The Hariyali Teej has other name also that is Buddhi Teej. In India cow is considered as the Maa and on the Teej day ladies worship the cow also. In Madhya Pradesh, the kajri Teej is famous and celebrate with great enthusiasm. Rajasthan also celebrate the Kajri Teej. Married ladies observe a full day fast known as Teej Vrat on this day. Kajili Teej is another name of teej. All rituals and customs performed on the day of teej with popular kajri Teej songs.

  1. Hartalika Teej 2024: the celebration of Marital blissful life

Hartalika teej festival is celebrated in the Bhadrapada maas on the third day of Shukla Paksh. The day of this auspicious festival is greatly celebrated in the North and West part of India. The Hartalika day is referred as the special day for ladies. On the day of teej, idols of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are made or carved by mud and then worship by the followers. People decorated their house and celebrate it with family members. This day is important for ladies because it is believed that if a lady performs all the rituals and observes the fast with full honesty then she will bless with good marital life and unmarried girls also perform this puja to get good husband. Lord Shiva pleases by this puja and bless unmarried girl with a husband who has good qualities.

The story is behind the reason why we call this teej with ‘Hartalika Teej’. Devi Parvati had a friend, her name was Hartalika. When father of Parvati decided a marriage proposal for her daughter without her consent, Hartalika abduct her friend and took her in thick forest to help her friend. Because of Haratalika Parvati got lord Shiva as the husband when she performed puja and vrat in forest that time. That is the reason if unmarried girl perform the vrat she get desired husband. The devotees follow all the rituals with great enthusiasm.

Celebrate the year all the Teej and get blessed.

Teej 2024: why do we celebrate Teej?

Teej is the popular festival in India and celebrate by the women. Teej is important because it shows the devotion of wives towards their husbands. On this day women observe fast for their husbands and it celebrate on the grand level. During the teej puja wife pray for her husband’s long life and success. The all rituals are performed during the puja and it is following by generation to generation.

The reason behind the Teej celebration is very famous; it is about the Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu mythology, Devi Parvati admired the lord Shiva and wanted to marry him. While, Lord Shiva was measured as the holy sign of male-dom so, Parvati had to demonstrate herself as the perfect partner for Lord Shiva. For prove herself worthy for Shiv ji, Parvati observed tough fast or vrat for 108 years. After her continuous and honest efforts Lord Shiva accepted her as his wife. As per very old scriptures, Devi Parvati finally got bless by boon. After it, the teej vrat concept came to existence among the devotees. Especially women perform this fast. By the Teej festival Maa Parvati is worshipped by the devotees and Maa Parvati also remember as ‘Teej Mata’ name. The Teej festival is celebrated to give honour the godly union of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati and devotees seek their blessings for different purpose. Women follow the tough vrat for their husbands and in return get good marital life and unmarried girls get the blessings for good husband.

Now you have complete idea that why we celebrate Teej festival, son now let’s know the procedure which you must follow in 2024 year.

Teej 2024: how to celebrate the Teej festival

Teej festival is mainly celebrated by the Indian women. On this pious day of Teej, married ladies get gift from their parents which call as the Shringara. It is a gift package which includes bangles, bindi, mehndi, vermillion, comb, band, Ghewar- Rajasthani sweets and a Lahriya Saari. These all items are the symbol of marital status of a woman. The fairs are commonly seen during the Teej festival. The swing trend is common during the festival and all the ladies like this and enjoy swings. Swings hung on the branches of trees of common grounds or backyard of house. Women enjoy the swings and sing various folks song and dance in group.

Teej is celebrated all over the India with different names and some different rituals but essence is same. Teej also observed outside the India, have a look here.

Teej 2024: Rajasthan Celebration

Grand celebration is take place in Rajasthan on the Teej. Big processions and ‘Jhankiya’ of Teej Mata (Parvati Mata) are taken to streets. In these Jhankiya Maa Parvati is placed on big royal palanquin. This festive go for two days in state and everyone take part in it with full devotion. Women spend their day in singing, dancing and enjoy the swings. Ghewar is famous sweet during the Teej festival, which is distributed among everyone.

Teej 2024: Punjab Celebration

Teeyan is celebrated in Punjab as the Teej festival. In Punjab, all ladies gather and enjoy the festival, they perform their traditional dance – Gidda which brings more passion to Teej festival. Parents give gifts to their married daughter as well as her husband and other family members. Everyone enjoys this festival with great enthusiasm and ladies enjoy swings in garden.

Teej 2024: Andhra Pradesh Celebration

Banjara tribe celebrate the Teej in Andhara Pradesh. Teej is here goes for a complete week. On the first day, unmarried girls collect bamboo basket, fill it with mud and put wheat into it. Seventh day is the sowing day, main Teej festival day. Those bamboo baskets are taken in holy procession and then it immersed into the small ponds on the last day.

Teej 2024: Celebration in Abroad

Teej festival is celebrated in Nepal also and known as ‘Tay’. It is the most important festival there and celebrates with great passion by the people. ‘Dar Khane Din’ is the first day of Teej there, in which people assemble at one place from different parts especially Bahu and Chhetri and people involve in singing and dancing. This Teej is celebrated for three continuous days. All rituals are performed during these days, on the last third day end with the human souls’ purification. Teej Vrat is observed by the ladies, it is Nirjala fast means they can’t consume single drop of water in vrat. It is the tough fast which is performed to please the God.

Teej festival makes strong the family bond and has two main importances. First, by the Teej women show their devotion towards their husbands and married life. The second importance is that it comes in Shravan maas after the hot season, which gives some peace and moment for the enjoyment. Ladies enjoy the different types of food after the completion of vrat and swings are enjoyed by them. If you perform the fast with complete devotion then Lord fulfil the all desires of their devotees.

Follow all the rituals of the Teej festival in 2024 year and offer the prayers to Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. You will get blessings from the Lord and your all desire will fulfil this year.

Enjoy the Teej 2024 festival and get the blessings.