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Hanuman Puja Vidhi

Explore Online Hanuman Puja Vidhi – Every Devotee Must Know

Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and he controls the rage of planet Mars. Even, people who suffer a lot due to Saturn’s Sade Sati, Dhaiya, Kantaka Shani, Mangal Dosha, Manglik Dosha, and afflicted Mars by Rahu/Ketu perform Hanuman Ji puja at home, temple, and through online puja platforms. More or less, we are aware of the facts of why we should do Hanuman puja. However, today we like to explain the Hanuman Puja Vidhi to all of you that you must understand before going for an online Hanuman Puja booking. It will provide you with a detail of the puja process and help you connect to your beloved Lord Hanuman for sure. 


Lord Hanuman Puja Vidhi – Explained Briefly 

The majority of devotees worship Lord Hanuman manifesting energy and courage. It is said that worshipping Lord Hanuman invokes maximum energy in comparison to other deities. On other days, Hanuman temples and online puja platforms experience loads of Hanuman puja vidhi orders on Hanuman Jayanti. Whichever day you choose for online puja, your priest will make you undergo these hanuman puja vidhi to complete your puja and Sankalp as well. Let us start to decipher the puja vidhi. 

  • Sankalpa: The Hanuman puja always begins with the Sankalpa. During puja online, Sankalpa will be performed by Pandit Ji in your name. Sankalpa is performed by taking pure water from a 5-vessel and cleaning the hand with it. Next, fresh water, flowers, and Akshata are taken with specific mantras. Water is dropped after the mantra is chanted. 
  • Avahana: Next, the Mantra is chanted in front of the idol showing the Avahan Mudra. 
  • Dhyana: Next, Dhyana is performed in front of the idol while chanting the specific mantra of Lord Hanuman desiring his presence. 
  • Asana: Lord Hanuman is implored in offering Anjali to take his seat in his Asana.

Next, along with Padya, Arghya, Achamana, Snana Mantra Chanting process,  Maunji Mekhala, Katisutra, Kaupina, Uttariya, and Yajnopavita are offered to Lord Hanuman. After that following things are offered to Lord Hanuman including Gandha (Scent), Akshata (Unbroken rice), and Pushpa (Flower). 

  • Following the above process, Pandit ji performs Granthi Puja (preparing a scared thread with 13 knots) and Agna Puja.  
  • Then, Pandit Ji offers Dhupam, Deepam, Naivedya, and Paniya to Lord Hanuman and performs Uttaraposhana (Achamana and thanksgiving rituals). 
  • The puja goes on with the next steps named Hasta Prakshalana (offering water to the Lord for washing hands) and Shuddha Achamaniyam (Gangajal offering to Deva for Achamana). 
  • Next, Pandit Ji offers Suvarna Pushpa (yellow-colored flower) with Tambula (Paan with betal nuts) to Lord Hanuman. 
  • After that, Arati is performed with Pushpanjali and Pradakshina of the idol. 

Finally, the Pandit Ji pays homage to Lord Hanuman with the Namaskara ritual and devotees accept the Doraka (pious thread prepared during the Granthi Pujan) and complete the puja process with prayer and accepting prasadam. 


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