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Satyanarayana Pooja on Guru Purnima


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Satyanarayana Pooja on Guru Purnima

Naryana indicates the utmost respectable being while Satya denotes actuality so Satya Narayana connotes the utmost honorable incarnation of truth. It is performed to uphold the euphoria and flourishing of the family and its wellness. Satya Narayana puja is the most ideal path to offer requests to God to Lord Vishnu. It is performed before or after the fulfilment of one’s cravings. The puja is generally performed on Purnima of each month with the relatives and companions presenting an amazing story of Satya Narayana. It can likewise be performed on whatever possible exceptional event or throughout the time of accomplishments to pay appreciation to the master.

Importance and significance of Satyanarayana Pooja on Guru Purnima:

The foremost indications of this puja are followed in Skanda Purana. Suta puranik presents the entire story to the rishis in Naimisharanya. Purnima is recognized as largely hopeful for doing this puja granted that could be finished on any day aside from the new moon, in the nighttime in addition to the relatives. This puja aids in looking for the gifts of god and fulfils the yearnings of the admirer. This puja keeps up the thriving, satisfaction and wellness of the crew.

One can do this puja without help from anyone else on propitious occasions if you need to finish it on top of the full ceremonies the online puja is currently the most efficient alternative as here one can perform it with full customs consistent with the Vedic writings and immaculacy of soul.

How to perform Satyanarayana Pooja on Guru Purnima:

The puja is performed on a full moon day or Sankranti to offer supplications to God to ruler Vishnu. In the night, the devotee along with the relatives presents a story by Devarishi Narad for the benefit of humanity.

The puja is offered in five parts. The predominant one is noticing the timing of puja and how to offer it. Rest four parts I about the enormity of god and its vitality in our lives. Lover keeps quick on that day and offers light, kalasha loaded with water, Prasad, panchamrit {a mixture of milk ghee, sugar, nectar, curd}, bloom and other needed puja material. Above all else a little incarnation of Vishnu is put on chowki, then tilak is put on it. A kalasha loaded with water is kept, and the rest of the material is advertised. After the katha of Lord Satya Narayan vrata, it is closed by aarti and udvaasana.

Profits of Satyanarayana Pooja on Guru Purnima:

This heavenly puja causes you to attain thriving. The enthusiast who has directed the puja and different members of puja can recognize it in the genuine feelings of serenity they get after the puja. They all are favoured by the commandments of ruler Sataya Narayana. The challenges of life are marvellously quenched, with no alarm of sudden peril, expand in the positive vigour and illuminating of the brain is effectively acquired on this puja.

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