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Perform Surya Puja Online to Incur Benefits & Welcome Success in Life

Surya or Sun is the dominant planet among the nine planets in Vedic astrology. It is the first luminary planet and rules the 5th house of Kalpurusha Kundali. Natives who are born with exalted Sun are blessed with name, fame, confidence, morality, and dominant social status. Moreover, a strong Surya in the horoscope ensures growth in career, good eyesight, and mental strength, and protects the native from being the victim of chronic health issues. On the contrary, natives who are born with afflicted Sun suffer from various challenges on personal and professional grounds. In performing Surya puja online and other religious rituals, a native can appease the Sun and get rid of problems gradually. 


Live Puja Yagya, one of the best and most reliable online puja platforms takes online Surya puja booking with convenience and payment security. Anyone, thinking of performing surya puja online under the guidance of an experienced pandit jis and astrologers can certainly contact Live Puja Yagya by visiting the website directly. 


Significance of Surya Puja Online


As per Vedic Astrology, Surya is the life force in a birth chart. It represents our soul. Therefore, if any yoga or dosha is formed relating to Surya including Grahan Dosh, or affliction due to Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars to some extent, Astrologers and gurus advise performing Surya or Sun puja. Online Surya puja is one of the best options to negate negativity from life. Online puja rituals not only guarantee puja satisfaction but also ensure the best puja experience followed by actual rituals and norms inscribed in Vedas and Purans. 


Why Performing Surya Puja is Considered Auspicious?


Surya or Sun governs our life force. It also shows the Purba Punnya Bhava in a horoscope along with progeny, higher education, love and romance, intelligence, mental agility, scholarship, benefit from government organizations and fatherly figures, and lots more. Hence, if the Sun becomes afflicted in a birth chart, it feels like a curse for such natives. So, if anyone (with or without Surya Affliction) performs Surya puja regularly, he gets several benefits. Let us have a look…



  • Getting rid of Pitra Dosha
  • Overcoming financial problems
  • Blessed with beautiful children
  • Improvement in father’s health if any problem persists
  • Improved social status and upliftment in career
  • Success and happiness in married life and love life
  • Stability and reliability in professional life
  • Better health for eyes, spine, heart, stomach, bones, and many more
  • Improvement in metabolism and digestive issues
  • Securing ways to get aid from the government bodies, fatherly figures, and bosses/scenarios in the workplace in the form of rewards, recognition, and scholarships or perks
  • Consistency in life with a boost in self-confidence and esteem
  • Security in life with full independence


When Surya Puja Can be Performed?


Anyone and everyone regardless of age and gender can perform Surya puja daily. One can also perform the puja right after one hour of the Surya hora. The best time to perform Surya puja is on the Surya Hora on Sunday. You can also perform this auspicious puja on an auspicious day after consulting with your astrologer and purohit ji. 


Book Your Surya Puja Online at Live Puja Yagya

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Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah

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