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Shankat Mochan Hanuman Ji Pooja

Importance of Worshipping Shankat Mochan Hanuman Ji Pooja for All

Pawan Putra Hanuman Ji is the manifestation of devotion, dedication, and courageousness. He is the slayer of evil, negativity, and demons that live inside us. It is said that for people who are suffering pain or losses due to enemies, rivalry, or any sort of fear; worshipping Lord Hanuman gets them rid of troubles. Even, you can easily overcome your inner fear, fear of ghosts, and evil power once you start praying to Lord Hanuman. Your devotion and faith in Lord Hanuman do wonders. Now, if you are thinking of performing a ritual-adhered Shankat Mochan Hanuman Ji Pooja in your name, consider online Hanuman puja booking for a great and truly pious puja experience.

Live Puja Yagya, one of the best online puja platforms is all here to cater to your online Hanuman puja and other puja needs with full Vedic rituals and affordability.


Who Can Perform Lord Hanuman Puja?

Anyone irrespective of age, gender, caste, and creed can perform Lord Hanuman Puja online. e is Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji gets appeased very easily and removes all the troubles from the lives of his devotees. Whether it is disease, fear of ghosts, financial crisis, or obstacle; Lord Hanuman ji puts an end to everything. Even, humans who are suffering due to legal issues and enmities without any reason can worship Lord Hanuman Ji to ensure victory against enemies and court cases.


Benefits of Performing Puja of Lord Hanuman

In simple words, worshipping Lord Hanuman Ji is the best way to put an end to all your sufferings and pains. Hanuman ji will shower you with blessings, boons, prosperity, strength, courage, and fearlessness. He will erase all the obstacles from your life so that you can stay happy and prosper faster. Other benefits of doing puja of Lord Hanuman ji are,

  • Getting rid of mental and material bondage
  • Experiencing a higher level of wisdom and positivity from the core of the heart
  • Boosting mental agility and sharpness
  • Feeling positivity at your home and workplace
  • Warding off all negativity from life
  • Increment in the workplace with promotions and perks.
  • Experiencing inclination to the spiritual realm.
  • Bypassing enmity and negative thoughts with full power and strength.

You can incur all the benefits once you start worshipping Hanuman Ji. However, sometimes performing puja at home on special days seems impossible due to the unavailability of the right puja samagris and purohitji. In that case, you can contact Live Puja Yagya for online Hanuman puja.


Best Tithi to Perform Hanuman Puja Online

True to speak, there is no need for any special day or occasion to worship Lord Hanuman Ji. Still, if you wish to perform puja on a special day, you can book your Hanuman Puja online on Hanuman Jayanti, the full moon day in Chaitra month. Otherwise, you can book your puja on Tuesday or Saturday to get the best results. You can ask your astrologer for a special day or time to perform Hanuman puja according to your birth chart and running dasha or planetary posting. It will help you to choose the best day for online Hanuman puja booking.


Contact astrologers or purohit ji at Live Puja Yagya for the best advice on performing Hanuman puja and fulfilling your Sankalp by adhering to full Vedic rituals.


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