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Lord Satyanarayana Puja’s History, Belief & Benefits – You Love to Discover

No matter what type of occasion it is, we Hindus prefer starting a new thing by performing the Satyanarayana puja at our home. And Hindus who live outside India arrange Satyanarayana Puja online these days with convenience and full devotion. Satya denotes the ‘Truth’ and Narayana defines ‘The Supreme Being’. Thus, Lord Satyanarayana conveys the meaning ‘The supreme being who signifies the universal Truth’. Believe it or not, every one of us desires to invoke the blessings from the Supreme Being before starting a venture and succeeding in our endeavors. The reason why, we conduct Satyanarayna puja, the puja to convey our gratitude and offer homage to Lord Satyanarayana, the form of Mahavishnu. This blog will discuss Satyanarayan Puja history along with the benefits and the puja process. 


Lord Satyanarayan Puja History

Puja of Satyanarayana was cited foremost in Skanda Purana, Reva Kanda. Suta Puranik mentioned the puja to the sages in Naimisharanya. Satyanarayana puja history is associated with Katha paath. The puja is usually performed on Purniam in the evening. However, many devotees perform the puja in the morning during Purnima. The purpose of the puja remains the same and it is to welcome positivity, prosperity, and fortune followed by sound health and peace of mind. 

Lord Satyanarayana is a savior. He is the protector of the Universe. If you have heard the Satyanarayana Paath during Satyanarayana puja, you can relate. It is believed there was a time in the beginning of the Kaliyuga when people died of starvation. At that time, a poor Brahmin boy who had great faith in God started searching for food instead of having low chances of having food. His belief knocked Narayana, the Lord Vishnu and he appeared in front of the boy in disguise of an old man and helped him. The story of Satayanarayan Katha started from here. 


Lord Satyanarayana Puja Process

Whether you conduct Satyanarayan Puja at home or online, the puja process remains the same. Unlike other Hindu pujas, Satyanarayana puja starts with worshipping Lord Ganesh to remove the obstacles from devotees’ lives. Next, the puja of Nabgraha is performed to pacify the malefic planets and improve the benefic planets. The remaining rituals of the Satyanarayana puja are solely devoted to Lord Narayan and to worship him.  Next, the arati is performed and bogh is offered to the Lord and devotees take part in the Bhajan, Katha, and Homam to complete the puja process. Once you book Satyanarayana puja online at Live Puja Yagya, you will experience only flawless and Vedic ritual-rich puja with guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind. 


Benefits of Performing Satyanarayana Puja

Anyone of any age, gender, caste, and creed can perform this puja irrespective of purpose. Let us have a look at the benefits devotees are assured to receive after this puja, 

  • Liberations from sins of past lives and obstacles in life. 
  • Good physical and mental health for the devotees and other members of the family. 
  • Success and prosperity in personal and professional life with real mental happiness and contentment. 
  • The puja is a way to perform heartfelt desires. The intention should be pure and harmless. 

Satyanarayana puja is conducted in various states in India under different names by different communities. In West Bengal, the puja is performed as Satya Pir puja, in Maharastra, the Chitpavan community performs this puja wholeheartedly, and in Andra Pradesh, devotees worship Satyanarayan Swamy with full devotion and enthusiasm. 

No matter where you are, if you want to perform Satyanarayan puja virtually, Live Puja Yagya is here to cater to your Satyanarayana Puja online needs with complete Vedic rituals and customs that will help you succeed in life.