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Puja for New House

Puja for new house is also referred to as the Griha Pravesh Puja. This puja is performed before entering into the new house for the first time. Once the house is constructed and ready to move in the family, takes the help of a priest to determine the auspicious muhurat to move into the house. The priest determines the muhurat with the help of astrological charts and the panchangs.

There are three types of Griha Pravesh mentioned in the ancient Vedic scriptures, which are Approva, Sapoorva, and the Dwandwah. The Aproova is performed during the first time entry into the newly constructed house. It is also termed as new griha pravesh. The Sapoorva is performed during the entry into an already-constructed house. When the family migrates from one place to another or comes back after travelling abroad this puja is performed. The last puja, dwandwah is performed after reconstruction of the house after damage from fire, earthquake, or flood.

The good time to enter a new house is when the Sun enters in the Uttarayan position. The time from June to December is best for puja for a new house. The months of Vaishaka, Shravan, and Margashirsh and the constellation of Uttara, Magha, Ashwini, Swati, Pushya, and Revati are the best times to determine the auspicious muhurat to enter into the new house.

If the family move during the Magha month (i.e. mid of January to mid-February) the family gains wealth, if the family move during the Falgun month (i.e. mid of February to mid-March) the family is blessed with children and wealth. The month of Vaishak helps in the growth of wealth and prosperity.

On the other hand, the months of Ashadh, Bhadrapad, Ashwin and Paush could lead to pain, loss and trouble. Vastu pooja and the Vastu Shanti puja are the two crucial puja for the new house. The other puja that the devotees can get performed by expert priests is Lord Ganesh Puja, Satyanarayan puja or the Lakshmi Puja.

Once the Griha Pravesh puja is completed, the family can move into their new house. Make sure the house is not left locked for a few days just after the puja as it is considered inauspicious.


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