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Puja for Ketu


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Puja for Ketu

Ketu acts for the execution of karmic aggregations both great and terrible, otherworldly existence and heavenly constrains and occasions. Ketu implies the profound technique of the refinement of emergence to the spirit and is acknowledged as both malefic and benefic, as it reasons distress and misfortune, notwithstanding in the meantime turns the single person to God.

In different statements, it causes material misfortune keeping in mind the end goal to compel a more otherworldly viewpoint in the individual. Ketu is lifted in Scorpio (vrischika) Rashi and is weakened in Taurus (vrishabha) Rashi. It is beneficial in dhanu (Sagittarius) rashi and malefic in mithun (Gemini) rashi.

Ketu is inviting with Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu. Ketu is impartial to Jupiter. His adversaries are Mars, the Sun, and the Moon. Ketu is a karaka or pointer of sagacity, knowledge, non-connection, dream, infiltrating understanding, mental unsoundness, and psychic capabilities. Ketu is the master of three nakshatras or lunar chateaus: Ashvini, Magha and Mula. The bearing connected with is South Lunar Node, the metal is mica the shade is smoky, component is earth. The sustenance grain is horse gram.

Importance and Significance of Puja for Ketu

Ketu puja has extraordinary celestial significance consistent with us. Persons experiencing the fundamental and sub-time of malefic ketu mahadasha and antardasha are inferred to direct the ketu puja and daan so the quantum of enduring is lessened.

Benefits of Ketu Puja

Ketu puja is very effective in various aspects. It helps to win over enemies/adversaries, to protect from any negative eventuality/evil effects, for overall materialistic and spiritual development, minimize the malefic effect of afflicted Ketu and to prevent and protect from accidents/misfortune.


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