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Kanakdhara puja:

Kanak dhara means “rain of gold from the sky”. The name of this puja itself justifies its significance. There was a legend behind the origin of puja and it is said that when adi shankaracharya recite the shlokas in grace of maa laxmi when the old poor women ignoring her plight gives the one gooseberry as “bhiksha” to shankaracharya.

After the completion of the shlokas it is believed that the rain of golden gooseberries started from the sky. Thus from that day the strotas become the sacred famous and powerful strotra which takes away all the sufferings and showers the wealth and prosperity in one’s life.

Importance of Maa Kanakdhara puja

Maa kanakdhara puja is performed to seek the blessings of lord Vishnu and maa laxmi. This puja is miraculous and brings in lots of happiness and success in the life of devotees. The kanakdhara maa laxmi strota puja is very effective and sung by adi shankarcharya for the welfare of people suffering from debts and poverty.

Significance of Kanakdhara Strotra puja:

According to the Vedic texts, it is believed that maa laxmi has various manifestations, which endows its devotees with all the worldly wealth. The strotra sung by adi shakaracharya is the most powerful and effective strotra of mahalaxmi which praises the maa laxmi and appease her and bound her to endows her blessings to all those who perform her puja with true heart and faith.

How to do Kanakdhara Strotra puja:

The puja is obsereved on any day especially the ganga dussehra and akshya tritiya the puja gives immediate and desired results. This is the puja offered by devotee seeking for the ashta siddhi and nav nidhis in the life. This is the puja for all and invokes the divine blessings for immediate financial relief and material prosperity for self and family. The ceremony done wholeheartedly and with trust and faith on maa laxmi under the guidance of trained Brahmin helps in gaining the blessings of maa laxmi in the form of wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Kanakdhara Strotra puja:

The puja is very auspicious and miraculous and frees from all the debts of life. The puja gives tremendous happiness, success, and showers in lots of wealth. The yantra of kanakdhara helps in winning the unexpected wealth from various sources like gamble, lottery, jackpot, or hidden treasure.

This yantra is kept in the temples, cash box, and almirah on Wednesday and daily puja is offered to it for getting the better and immediate results.  The puja also helps in achieving the sound health and free from all the troubles of life. The kanakdhara puja helps in achieving the blessings of ashta laxmi {8 manifestations of laxmi}, which bestows her devotees with all the worldly wealth and removes all hurdles of life.

Mantra for kanakdhara puja:  

Kamala sana panina lalate 

Likhita mokshara punkti masya jantoh | 

Parimarjayam mata ranghrinate Dhanika dvara nivasa dukha doghrim ||

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