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Shravan Maas Pooja


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Importance of Shravan Maas Pooja

Shravan Maas is the fifth month according to the Hindu calendar which is chiefly dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the most auspicious as compared to other months in the year. The Vedas describe Shravan Month as “Nabhas”. The Shravan Mass is highly forecasted for important activities like Grihpravesh as it is very fruitful in this respect. The Hindu Puranas state that the people who were born in this month achieved high recognition and were honoured by the world. For instance, Lord Krishna who was born in this month is highly worshipped. Similarly, Lord Hayagriva (born on Shravan Purnima), Vaikhans Maharishi, and Vaikhansa Agama Pravakta were also greatly honoured.

How to do Shravan Maas Puja Online

The puja method for Shravan Maas is slightly different than the methods for other months in the Hindu calendar.  The fortnight of Shukla Paksha in Shravan Mass is highly auspicious. On each Tithi of this period, a god is worshipped. This puja procedure is known as “Pavitrarovanotsav”. In this puja 108 grass blades are used for making a thread (Durva) which is kept on the God. The Mondays of Shravan Maas is well known as many people observe the famous Somvara vrat on this day. The Somvara Vrat should be observed by worshipping Lord Shiva during the morning with PanchAmritam, Bela leaves and other pleasant substances.

In Shravan Maas basically, Shiva Abhishek Puja / Rudra Abhishek Puja is done on Mondays. Also, Mahamrityunjaya Anusthan and Daan are done, which is a great death-conquering puja. Chiefly, Lord Shiva is worshipped in this month eradicates all evils from the life of his devotee and brings security and prosperity.

Mantra for Shravan Maas Pooja

The following mantra should be recited during offering Jal to Lord Shiva

om varunasyottambhanamasi varunasya sakambh sarjjaneestho
Varunasya ritsadanyasi varunasya ritsadanamasi varunasya ritsadanmaaseed

While offering Bela Leaves, following mantra should be recited.

Darshanam Bilvapatrasya Sparshanam Paapnaashanam
Aghorpaapsanharam Bilvapatram Shivarpanam

Significance of Online Shravan Maas Puja

Shravan Maas is the most auspicious month in the Hindu calendar. There are lots of important legends like “Samudra Manthan”, etc. associated with this month. Shravan Maas is the first month in Chaturmaas (The four holy months in the Hindu Calendar).  The Chaturmaas Vrat, which is considered to be the most prominent fast, begins this month and ends in Kartik Maas. The Shravan Maas also brings various big Hindu festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami.

Shravana Maas in 2024

Shravan Maas in 2024 begins on 22 July and ends on 19 August.

Benefits of Shravan Maas Puja

It is highly recommended to wear Rudraksha during Shravan Month. The Mondays of Shravan month are dedicated to Lord Shiva Puja as he is considered to be very supreme and a destroyer of evil from the lives of his devotees. People offering milk and Ganga Jal to Lord Shiva during this month earn a lot of Punya. Above all, the Shravan Somvar vrat blesses girls with good life partners.

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